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Friday, 03 July 2015

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Gluten-free challenge - day two

Well I've just got back from the gym and had a post-workout shower and now I'm treating myself to a couple of gluten-free digestives alongside my usual bedtime almonds.

Well, I burned off well over the 96 calories the biscuits contain during my cardio workout so I don't think it'll do me any harm.

It's not like I have biscuits every day. Actually, I can't remember when I last had one.

I'll give these ones 9/10, I think.

They don't taste quite as sweet as ordinary digestives (which could mean less sugar, which is a good thing) and they're smaller than normal ones (again, probably no bad thing) but all in all they're pretty palatable.

Yes, I can recommend these.

Day two of the gluten-free challenge has gone quite well.

I started the day with scrambled egg on toast, mainly to see if my house brick/car sponge loaf would taste any better toasted.

It did. It scored 2/10 toasted rather than its untoasted 1/10.

The scrambled egg masked the taste a bit, though, and as long as I left the crusts I was able to eat it without fear of breaking my teeth.

Having decided not to subject myself to more of the bread at lunchtime I took a prawn quinoa salad in to work for lunch.

That, followed by a banana, filled me up nicely.

A colleague, who I won't shame by naming her, had some interesting looking crisps and offered me one.

I checked the packet, saw they contained gluten and politely declined, even when she tried to tempt me because "there can't be much gluten in it".

I'm being good, I won't cheat and I will complete this challenge.

For my 3pm munchies snack I had packed a small pot of walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds and dried apricots.

There's nothing quite like wholefoods to give you an energy boost you know will be sans gluten.

It was one of my favourites for tea (a meal from my boot camp nutrition plan) - chicken breast wrapped in bacon.

While Gary finished off the remains of last night's pasta (I might have been a bit over zealous with the ingredients) I had some roasted butternut squash and we finished it off with some veg.

Is it cheating to spend the week eating stuff that wouldn't normally have gluten in it anyway?

Fruit and natural yoghurt completed the meal and a little later there was my pre-gym snack (well, every evening of the week snack really but "pre-gym" sounds good tonight) of four squares of Lindt dark chocolate.

The packet makes no mention of any gluten-containing ingredients so that's good enough for me.

If I was actually coeliac I guess I would find out pretty quickly if the packet happened to be wrong.

As it is, I'll trust it.

I've packed soup for lunch again tomorrow, this time with a couple of slices of fibre loaf which I'll stick in the microwave quickly I've heated my soup..

I really didn't realise how much I enjoy eating bread.

Let's hope this scores slightly higher than my homemade effort.

I guess it can't be any worse.

By Sarah Nicholls
Published: May 15, 2012


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