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Wednesday, 01 July 2015

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Brocklebanks lead the way at Glorious Grassmere

GLORIOUS Grasmere was a feast of wrestling in wall to wall sunshine. A huge crowd encircled the wrestlers for six hours of action.

Sibling rivalry: Brothers Thomas and Graham Brocklebank, first and second in the All Weights at Grasmere

The Brocklebank family had a day to remember when Scott Brocklebank won the Guinness Trophy for the most meritorious performance in all the wrestling, having won both the Under-15 and Under-18 Years.

Then in the last bout of a long day, his cousins, the two brothers Graham and Thomas, contested the final of the All Weights, with the heavier Thomas coming out on top.

After Kendal Academy wrestlers dominated the youths’ wrestling, Carlisle wrestlers largely took over in the senior events with Richard Dixon felling the Carlisle coach, Andrew Carlile in the final of the 11 stones, John Harrington felling the Breton Mael Dugue in a scintillating final of the 12 stones, and the veteran Alan Jones, another Carlisle coach, clocking up his twentieth Grasmere title in the 14 stones.

Now in his late forties, Jones can no longer wait around to wrestle carefully, or wear down the opposition.

Instead he flung his opponents with swinging hipes, and if that did not work, he did it again.

In the midst of the Carlisle success, Fraser Hirsch of Dundee, did his kilt proud by winning the 13 stones title, felling that irrepressible Breton Mael Dugue in the final.

A dozen Bretons added greatly to the day’s action, with Dugue in the lead, but did not figure largely in the prize money, except in the female wrestling where they gained three first: Nina Gray, and English-Scottish-Breton, won the Under-18s and the Women’s all weights, whilst the slighter figure of Eloise Letort felled Connie Hodgson in the final of the 10 stones.

John Harrington did have one win at Grasmere, but that was his quietest day of wrestling last week, for he was simply unbeaten elsewhere, winning thrice at Silloth and twice at Ennerdale.

Although he is a strong lad for his weight, his physique gives no clue to his wrestling capabilities. In the All Weights he often looks slight and almost frail against much heavier opposition.

But in the course of the week, I saw him hipe (inside, outside and swinging) hank, inside-click, cross-click as he attacked the opposition, as well as countering anything that was thrown at him. The Bretons must wonder what they have to do to get him to the ground.

An amazing weekend of wrestling is in prospect next week with Rothbury Mart putting up a £500 first prize for the 15½st on the Friday night, Harbottle staging the 12st Championship the next day and Wolsingham holding the 15st Championship as part of its programme on the Sunday. Over £4000 will make its way into wrestlers’ pockets over the three days.


Grasmere Sports

Under-12 Years: 1, J Hayhurst; 2, C Perkins; 3, L Spence.

Under-15 Years: 1, S Brocklebank; 2, James Hall; 3, A Barnes.

Under-18 Years: 1, S Brocklebank; 2, S Wilkinson; 3, G Benson.

11st: 1, R Dixon; 2, A Carlile; 3, L Milland-Millour.

12st: 1, John Harrington; 2, M Dugue; 3, R Dixon.

13st: 1, F Hirsh; 2, M Dugue; 3, D Parsons.

14st: 1, A Jones; 2, S Wilkinson; 3, G Brocklebank.

All Weights: 1, T Brocklebank; 2, G Brocklebank; 3, J Hirsch.

Female Wrestling:

Girls Under-15 Years: 1, H Hodgson; 2, C Hodgson; 3, D Gibson.

Girls Under-18 Years: 1, Nina Gray; 2, C Hodgson; 3, K Brown.

10st: 1, E Letort; 2, C Hodgson; 3, K Brown.

All Weights: 1, N Gray; 2, D Thompson; 3, E Letort.

Silloth Carnival

Under-12 Years 1, J Hayhurst; 2, P Potts; 3, G Robson.

Under-15 Years 1, J Hall; 2, M Atkinson; 3, W Hayhurst.

Under-18 Years 1, J Ewart; 2, G Everon; 3, P Murray.

11½st 1, J Harrington; 2, A Carlile; 3, M Atkinson.

13st 1, J Harrington; 2, L Boucher; 3, A Carlile.

All Weights 1, J Harrington; 2, Y Salaun; 3, T Graham.

Ladies 1, N Gray; 2, E Letort; 3, C Hodgson.


Under-12 Years 1, D Kilby; 2, S Glaister; 3’ A Callander.

Under-15 Years 1, James Hall; 2, F Ingram; 3, P Murray.

Under-16 Years 1, G Evenou; 2, James Hall; 3, D Davies.

Ladies 1, N Gray; 2, L Murray; 3, E Letort.

12½st 1, John Harrington; 2, G Flaux; 3, J Graves.

All Weights: 1, John Harrington; 2, D Barnes; 3, Y Salaun.

Dyke Neuk

Under-10 Years: 1, J Hale; 2, H Bertram; 3, C Bertram.

Under-12 Years: 1, J Hale; 2, H Bertram; 3, C Bertram.

Under-15 Years: 1, S Lamont; 2, G Cummings; 3, G Crane.


Saturday August 30, 12 noon: Newcastleton U10/U13/U15/U18/121/2/AW/Ladies; 3.15pm; Hesket Newmarket U15/U18and 10st Ch’ship/U18/121/2/Novice.

3pm Millom and Broughton ShowU12/local U15/U16/U18/12/AW

Bellingham Show Cancelled

Thursday September 4: 3pm Grayrigg Show U12/U15/U18/111/2 /13/15/AW/girls

Friday September 5: 6.30pm Rothbury Mart U9/U12/U16/Girl U16/U19/111/2/131/2/151/2/mens and womens AW (£2,560 prizes)

Saturday September 6: 2pm Harbottle U10/ U16/U18/Novices/12st Ch’ship/AW

Sunday September 7: 1.30pm Wolsingham U12/U15/U18/Ladies/11/12/14/15stCh’ship/AW


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