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Saturday, 04 July 2015

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Looking ahead

It was training day five of six this week and it was a big sad when we realised it was the last time we'd finish by saying "see you next week" to John.

Clare and I will both miss having that hour set aside in the week to dedicate to pulling on our trainers and being put through out paces.

We can training on our own at home, and I've stocked up on fitness games for the Wii to make sure I keep it up, but having it in your diary that you have to workout at a certain time and having a trainer there to make you prevents any chance of copping out.

This week we had a bit of a change from our usual bending and stretching warm up as John decided to take us into the grounds of Armathwaite Hall for a jog.

As we left the spa he said hopefully there wouldn't be anyone in the hot tub.

When we got there the hot tub appeared to be nearing capacity.

I put on my best I'm-really-enjoying-this-and-it's-not-at-all-tiring face as we jogged towards the spectators and reverted to my ahhh-I-need-a-nap face after we'd passed.

It was nice to be out in the fresh air, though, and good to do a bit of jogging.

I'll have to do a lot more if I'm going to make this half marathon next year.

I started my training for that on Sunday and took a giant leap out of my comfort zone to go for a jog...outside...in public...where people could see me. Not just people - people who live in the same town as me.

I didn't go far - just a little route taking from Harrington Road in Workington, up to Moorclose, down to Harrington and back along the edge of Salterbeck and Moss Bay - and I combined the odd bit of jogging with walking.

If anyone in the area was looking out of their window on Sunday afternoon and saw a women in black jogging gear, carrying a bottle of water and being overtaken by hoards of local snails and tortoises, that was me.

I did manage to jog all the way from the zebra crossing on Nilsson Drive, down Moorclose Road to Harrington, though, which was far further than I expected.

It might just be a little while before I'm stretching that out by jogging on up Eller Bank.

Back at Armathwaite Hall, John decided to work us hard for the rest of our penultimate session.

Apparently it's good for you to walk up and down a fitness studio, arms outstretched above your head, brandishing an 8kg kettlebell.

I can't say it felt particularly good for me and it was amazingly difficult to operate my legs in that position but I'm sure it was all worth it, if only for the entertainment is provided to Clare and John.

We had another go at the weightlifting exercise where you lean back on the exercise ball too.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that keeping my hips up was less difficult than last time.

Slowly but surely, the results are starting to show.

As a special treat at the end of the session, John decided we could do some fun (really?) core relays.

We started with the plank and between us had to hold it for five minutes.

One of us had to start off and before she got too tired to continue or collapsed from lack of strength the other had to assume the position.

If neither of us had been in position at any point it would have meant a 10-second time penalty.

Having survived that John let us celebrate by doing the same again, this time holding a V-shaped sit with knees bent and arms and legs crossed.

Clare was very quick to leap in and assume the position both times when I toppled over backwards so John was kind and didn't penalise us.

Either that or he was concentrating so hard on not laughing at me that he forgot.

We've only got a few more days to make the most of our fitness and nutrition plans before next week's last day, which will bring the return of the BodyStat test and the dreaded scales.

As I sit at my desk typing this the weather looks lovely outside.

I'm hoping it stays that way so I can pop out for another jog after work.

By Sarah Nicholls
Published: March 22, 2012


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