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Sunday, 05 July 2015

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Reaching the halfway mark

We've reached the homeward straight.

Three sessions down and three to go. It turns out the first session where we just got measured and chatted about our goals didn't count as a session.

Don't tell John because we don't want him thinking the sessions are anything but torture but I think I'll actually miss our weekly training when we reach the end.

Now that I'm starting to see the benefits, though, I intend to keep up with the regular exercise at home.

The trouble is it's a bit easier to slack of when you haven't got someone breathing down your neck...sorry, I mean calling out words of encouragement.

I was going to update the blog yesterday evening but when I got home from the training session it was as much as I could do to collapse on the sofa for a few hours then drag myself up to bed.

This week we did what John called "teamwork".

We did not call it teamwork;  we called it "guilt trip".

It involved a mixture of energetic exercises and core exercises.

Put simply, one of us had to hold a core position, such as the plank, while the other ran about the room like a loon then walked from one end to the other either doing lunges or kettlebell swings.

Basically it meant that the pain and effort of the exercise was coupled with a sense of guilt..

For the person doing the energetic bit there was the guilt that if only you were going a little bit faster the other person wouldn't have to hold the plank for so long.

For the person holding the plank there was the guilt of knowing that, if only you had the energy, you would want nothing more than to shout at the top of your voice "get a flippin' move on will you?".

I'm not saying it was difficult and painful but John did suggest he might bring along a swear box to next week's session.

I imagine he's planning to retire at the end of our boot camp with the proceeds.

At one point John thought I might like some air (I think it was the fact I was languishing in what looked like a state of near collapse) so he kindly opened the window.

Unfortunately there was a glass roof directly below the window which scuppered my planned escape route so I had to continue with the session.

Immediate pain aside, though, the boot camp is really worthwhile.

John said yesterday that I'd lost weight since the start of our training.

Admittedly he didn't mention how much so it might be a pound.

I'm certainly getting more toned, though.

I got dressed for work on Monday and realised I was going to have to go shopping as my hips were barely holding up the trousers which were a bit on the tight side only a couple of months ago.

It's been the achy day after the night before today, with my shoulders and upper thighs taking most of the hit.

I bit the bullet this evening, though, and did my resistance band workout.

Amazingly, more exercise really does help combat the aches and pains.

I'm going to be maid of honour at a friend's wedding later this year and I've just ordered a dress in the size I couldn't quite do up when I tried it on last month.

Next week will bring the moment of truth when I find out if it actually fits now. Eek.

By Sarah Nicholls
Published: February 29, 2012


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