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Tuesday, 07 July 2015

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The end of the boot camp is nigh

It was week four of the six-week boot camp this week.

Six weeks seemed a long time when we signed up but it's really flown by.

I'm going to miss our weekly sessions with John.

I'm determined to keep up my new exercise and healthy eating routine once the boot camp is over but there's a lot to be said for having a dedicated hour a week when you're committed to doing a work out and you've got someone there to chivvy you along.

Don't tell John but I think I'll miss having him there to shout at mean when I start to slack off.

This week one of the Times & Star photographers popped along to capture some shots of us at work in the torture chamber...sorry, fitness studio.

John had kindly (hmm) set it up for circuit training and the photographer decided he might as well have a go while he was there.

He's not a bride-to-be, you understand, but we all thought it would be fun.

He did well but luckily the fear Clare and I had that he might walk in off the street and completely show us up by doing better than we could was not realised.

After a quick lap of the circuit the photographer went on his way and we were left to continue our workout in earnest.

The circuits were a mixture of fun and torture.

One or two looked and felt like they might lead to a near-death experience but I battled on.

Okay John, you win, maybe I did let my effort levels slip a tiny bit on one or two exercises but, try as you might, I don't think I'll ever master press ups.

I know they look easy but I just don't get it.

Anyway, I'm starting to look ahead at how to maintain my fitness and weight once the boot camp finishes.

Last week I bit the bullet and bought a fitness magazine.

It made a change from the wedding magazines I've been lining the house with (I reckon I could wallpaper the spare room with them, although it might look a bit odd).

Initially I didn't gain much from the magazine but this morning I went a step further and actually opened it.

Then I took another step and did a little workout with some muscle-strengthening exercises.

They looked really simple on the page and I wondered if they were actually going to do anything but when I tried them out I could feel my muscles working so they must have been having some effect.

I think I'll subscribe to the magazine so I can carry on getting some fitness tips and advice on how to target my exercise to the areas I want to improve once we finish at Armathwaite Hall.

The magazine won't make helpful, encouraging comments or bark at me when if I start slacking off but it'll give me a variety of exercises and it's got recipes in too. Mmm, food.

I think I'll try to focus more on core exercises too as they are definitely starting to pay off.

I've been doing the odd yoga pose on the Wii Fit and have surprised myself at how much my posture has improved.

I'll try to make a concerted effort to make the most of our last two boot camp sessions.

In the meantime, I'll focus on some more core exercises today and save my legs ready for the Workington to Keswick Charity Walk tomorrow.

If past experience is anything to go by I'll be the one who gets overtaken by nearly everyone else by Lillyhall and trails in at the back just before the finish cut-off time.

If you're taking part perhaps you could shout an encouraging comment as you pass me.

Just try not to make it "not far now" anywhere before Rosthwaite or I might be hard pushed not to throw my emergency energy banana at you.

By Sarah Nicholls
Published: March 10, 2012


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