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Friday, 03 July 2015

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Posh boy leaders and plebs

I have no doubt whatsoever that Government Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell swore and used the word ‘plebs’ during his altercation with police officers guarding the gate of Downing Street.

Why do I know? Because the police officer has no reason to lie and notes were made at the time and Mitchell has every reason to.

Not through any sense of trying to diminish what he said but because he has been hauled over the coals by his boss who at least recognises the damage that the continued ‘Posh Boy’ image causes his administration.

But for the moment, let’s look at the wider picture.

While we continue to allow political leaders to come, almost exclusively, from one very small sector of society – the public school and Oxbridge set – we defeat any semblance of democracy we might have had. In fact they spit in the face of it.

Most of these ‘Posh Boys’ (and I make no excuse for including the female members of the cabinet, as few as they are) haven’t done a scrap of proper work in their lives.

They did university without a thought for cost because daddy/mummy or the family trust paid. They went on to get a job not by applying in any real sense but because of who daddy / mummy / any other assorted relative knew. How many worked in the banking or had senior managerial positions? How many went straight into Tory Central Office and bagged a seat?

They simply do not ‘get it’ about having to fight for your rights. They don’t ‘get it’ about having to work for a wage that hardly sustains. They don’t ‘get it’ about the fear of redundancy or illness and they certainly don’t ‘get it’ about people who are necessarily on benefits thinking everyone on benefits is a scrounger.

They don’t ‘get it’ about being on the frontline of Afghanistan or Iraq (and, yes, Tony Blair, didn’t ‘get it’ either!). They don’t ‘get it’ about being a police officer risking your life every time you go to work and they don’t ‘get it’ that the families of our armed forces and police officers live in fear of the knock at the door.

And now, here we with them Lording it over everyone at the party conference although, to be fair, they are just speaking to the party, trying to rein in Boris mania!

There are plenty of people who share some of the views of the tories who are not ‘posh boys’ and if the ‘posh boys’ realised that it is they that we despise, not necessarily the policies, perhaps they would stand down.

But, of course, they won’t. They love the power, they love having the influence….

They love lording it over the PLEBS.

Andrew Mitchell must resign.


By Ashley Tiffen
Published: October 10, 2012


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