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Sunday, 19 April 2015

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West Cumbrian village keeps on rocking at music festival


Well, the packing up has begun and people have moved into the pub to hear With Lights Out and Johnny Foster umplugged. It's over and tomorow this venue will return to being a pub car park.


Headliners The Return are putting on a good show for a small yet determined to enjoy themselves audience. It's coming to the close of Whitemare and what a jolly good weekend it's been.

A wide range of music, great company, good atmosphere all round, helped by the staff of the White Mare and organiser Paul, who were running round making sure everything went smoothly.

Here's to 2010!!


Skunk are now on the main stage and by starting their extended set with a few covers - included Whisky in the Jar and Epic, they've managed to draw people out of the bar and I believe there may even be dancing. 


It's hard to describe the sound of Jiezuberband, there's all sorts thrown in there from classic rock to traditional Scottish - I think anyway. But it's very good and the crowd are enjoying it!


The Breed just rocked the festival with their last set, joyous, melodic, rocky and surprising - they covered Message In A Bottle AND got the crowd to sing!

Next up is Jiezuberband, wearing kilts and there's a keyboard, which piqued my interest. . . .and there's no messing about with them, straight into  foot tapping territory. . .


England have won the Ashes!!! One of our friends is very excited by this, being a cricket nerd. I'm expecting there to be an announcement on stage too! 


With Lights Out are on the main stage now and coping very well with the bit of heckling coming from Colt 45 in the audience.


The Breed are on the bar stage, playing a bit of mature metal, in their words, and they've enticed an audience down to the bar area. 


Oven are on stage now - and we've got video up of the first two bands of the day, Colt 45 and Red Persona


Glassheart back on stage - we are videoing them, and they'll probably be better known to most people as A Lesser Concern.


Red Persona on stage now, including festival organiser Paul on drums - this time it  is his band and he hasn't just stepped in like yesterday, so at least he knows the songs! Audience is increasing too, and we think the rain is slowing down too.


Crowd getting bigger, slowly but surely, as people venture out and brave the wet weather! What I've noticed about this festival is that it's very much a family-friendly affair, there's lots of people with kids. 


Past two already! Colt 45 are on stage and Glassheart are wandering around, ready for their set. Pub manager Phil has been on stage with a small child's plastic guitar and played us a tune - for a bet he assured us to raise sponsorship for the Great North Run, which he's doing. Very musical it was too, and left the audience stunned in silence.

Photos and video soon!


Glassheart are soundchecking, the rain hasn't stopped and Paul's looking nervous but if anyone is anxious about the rain spoiling the day, it won't - we're sitting next to the stage, under the marquee and it's actually very pleasant. There's no real breeze and I've taken my coat off as it's warm-ish. 


Bands are coming in, water's being chucked off the roof of the marquee and we're not letting a litle thing like a severe weather warning put us off the second day of Whitemare Rock Festival.

More alcohol has been bought (they ran out of vodka yesterday!) and the sound guys have just put War of the Worlds on! Awesome.


It's pouring down!!!

Sunday 9.50am

Well, it's a drizzly morning, but still surprisingly warm - and of course, the stage and everything is undercover.

We found two blokes sleeping on the stage this morning - two mountain rescue lads, who had returned from a rescue on Great Gable (the bloke they rescued had a head injury but was okay) to look after the gear onstage.

There was a small bit of trouble last night, mainly in the lane outside the pub, but it seemed to get sorted out quite quickly and with minimum fuss. 

You're always going to get one or two. . . 

Today, we're looking forward to Red Persona, Skunk, Glassheart, The Breed, Colt 45, Oven, The Return, Jiezuberband, Kalmer and With Lights Out.


Caught half of the Peski Kings' set and very good it was too! The night was topped off by The Conspirators - an excellent choice of headliner, who played some of their own tunes and covers - both got people up and dancing in front of the stage. 

The party is still going on for a lot of people as staff gradually close off the marquee and herd people into the pub and eventually home. Speaking to manager Phil, we remarked on how hard the staff had worked (they have all been on the go since early this morning and all have had a smile on their faces all through the day, absolutely marvellous).

There's one guy who's been glass collecting and running round since at least 10am this morning - turns out he's not a member of staff but a resident, who wanted to help.

The  festival will raise cash for the local mountain rescue team, what a fine way to raise funds. The atmosphere has been brilliant and we're keeping our fingers crossed that people go home quietly.



Two enthusiastic bands have been on, Psycho Babe and Peski Kings.


Obrigado is on stage now, and it sounds like nice chilling music - we were trying to think of how to describe their sound and then they played Deep Blue Something's Breakfast At Tiffany's. That sums them up nicely and now they are playing Can You Dig It? which is good too!



Well, we've seen Corruption and Helvelyn2 - different sets completely but each very good, in their own ways. In fact, I think Corruption, who are very heavy indeed, got the biggest cheer of the day so far. We're going to upload photos and videos now.


The Revolution finished their second set and we managed to get video of them - keep checking back! The car park is filling up nicely and the atmosphere is very pleasant.

There's all kinds of age groups here too, which is brilliant.

We're waiting for DeadmansJacket to appear on the main stage - here they are, just doing a few last minute checks and have launched into Should I Stay Or Should I Go? 



Missed The Revolution's first set on the bar stage - but they are on later so we'll try and get video of them.

Telf doing a storming job on the main stage - despite the fact that their drummer is organiser Paul who stepped in at the last minute - and is doing a fab job despite never having played with Telf before. We're sorting video as we speak. Back soon. . .  .


Thir13en are playing AC/DC now - TNT - rather well and to an appreciative audience.

Video of their first song and some photos will be uploaded shortly!


Bang on time, Thir13en have started playing the main stage.


The soundcheck is over, Thir13en are chilling before they go on stage, Telf have arrived and people are coming through the gates. It's nearly time for the festival to start!!



Just put a couple of photos up of the Dawsons, who were playing some acoustic numbers in the bar last night. It was a nice way to ease into the festival. 

This is a very civilised way to be at a music festival; the soundchecks are going on, there's basket meals available (Graham's burger and chips smell very nice) and there's a stocked bar nearby and the sun is shining. This might just be heaven. 

Mind you, hope the drumming soundcheck ends soon. . . . . 


Preparations are underway for the third Whitemare Rock Festival at Beckermet, which will see more than 20 bands play two stages in the car park of the White Mare.

We aim, as always, to bring you a taste of the festival with an ongoing blog, photos and video as often as we can (internet connection willing!)

Organisers have got it spot on - the entire car park is covered with a marquee - as our mate said, it's the best smoking shelter in the world - and even has chandeliers!

The weather's great at the moment but, Cumbria as it is, it could change any moment and it won't bother us as we're undercover.

One end, past the shrubbery, is the bar 'tent' end, with its own little stage.

Everything's going to kick off at 12noon, and the first band on is Thir13en - most of the band formerly known as Broken Toy and I hope lead singer Graham doesn't have issues with his drummer, like he did at Cockrock, when he walked off stage - they're due on at 2pm-ish.

Whitemare videos

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hi we enjoyed the day very much and hope everyone else did .just wondered if anyone knows how we could get a copy of the recording on here of helvelyn2 for our website chers ,,helvelyn2

Posted by david isherwood on 5 September 2009 at 12:27

MMMMMMM, the bassist is gorgeous.

Posted by Bobby Todd on 27 August 2009 at 14:47

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