Bomb threat sparks West Cumbrian town centre shutdown

10 July 2017 3:51PM

Whitehaven town centre was closed to all traffic following a bomb scare.

Shoppers and staff were evacuated from the Morrisons store in Whitehaven following an anonymous bomb threat.

A full evacuation of the store was carried out and all traffic was barred from entering the town centre.

Roads have since reopened and the Morrisons store has reopened.

A spokesman said: "The store received a bomb threat and was evacuated as a precautionary measure."

Emergency services were called.

Cumbria police said: "We can confirm that an incident at the Morrisons store in Whitehaven has been resolved. Police were called at 1.06pm today following an evacuation of the store.

"The evacuation was a decision made by store management as a precaution following an anonymous bomb threat.

"Police can reassure the public that the store has been searched and there is no believed risk to the public. The store and nearby roads have reopened."

Shoppers were escorted to the car park but weren't allowed to enter their vehicles.

Among the shoppers evacuated were Amanda Gribbin, 45, and her husband, Ian, of Moresby Parks.

She said: "We were just at the end of our shop. The alarm went off. One of the members of staff told us to leave.

"Then the tannoy went off and everyone was told to evacuate.

"We saw all the police and fire services go in.

"Everything was calm but I was still anxious because you have that thought of 'what if it's real?'"

Travel firm Stagecoach said the town centre had been closed to all traffic in a tweet on social media site Twitter.

Police tweeted:

Jamie Scott Pitman filmed this video at the evacuation:

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