Cockermouth baby and toddler group a big success

14 September 2017 5:11PM

A Cockermouth school hoped they would get a few takers for their new baby and toddler group and were delighted when more than 40 youngsters rolled up.

Fairfield Footprints Baby and Toddler Group held its first session this morning.

Chalk footprints guided visitors through the school grounds to the early years area, where they could play inside or outside.

Sue Sharp, who works in the nursery, said: "This is a new venture. It's about bringing the school more into the community and a chance for young families to see what we are about.

"We have got a lot of siblings in school and wanted to get their families involved. Although it's open to anyone.

"We are delighted with the response - and a little bit amazed. "It shows the need for something like this."

The youngsters, aged from a few months to three years, could play with a range of toys inside and out. Refreshments were also available.

They were accompanied by parents, grandparents and carers.

"The idea is to provide an activity every week, there might be an art activity or a sensory day," said Mrs Sharp.

Childminder Sue Cole, from Little Broughton, was there with Lily, 11 months, Layla, two, and James, three.

"It's a really great place for mums and dads to get together. It's also great for the kids to socialise and get used to sharing.

"It's lovely to have places to take the kids to, they get so much out of it."

Rebecca Evans, of Culgarth Avenue, Cokcermouth, was with her daughter Elizabeth, two.

"It's great to have somewhere safe for the kids to play and make new friends. And the parents can enjoy adult conversation!

"It's nice that the kids can meet others in the area as they will probably go to school with them in the future."

Gayle Fennell, of Papcastle, was with Rowan, two.

"It's a great idea and nice to have a look at the school."

The sessions will be held every Tuesday during term time from 9.30am to 11am and cost £1.

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