Floods are a warning: Government must step up to ensure Cumbria is protected

12 October 2017 9:14AM

A Cumbrian MP has urged the Government to make sure Cumbria is properly protected ahead of the winter - as the Met Office warns more stormy conditions could be on the way.

Sue Hayman, MP for Workington and shadow floods minister, says yesterday's latest flooding incidents in the county shows that Cumbria needs to be taken seriously when asking for support.

The Met Office say that while the worst of the rain has now moved away from Cumbria, wet and windy weather is likely to continue.

"We have a tropical storm on its way from the Atlantic which is heading our direction," a spokesman said.

"It won't be a storm when it reaches here but it could be stormy although there are no warnings out at the moment."

He added: "There's a bit of uncertainty after Sunday so watch this space."

Mrs Hayman revealed that at her own home in west Cumbria her husband and neighbours had spent several hours pumping water away from the property, although none got in her house.

"It came onto the property and came in one of the barns," she told the News & Star.

"I feel for all the people who don't have those kind of systems in place.

"So what this does is send a message to the Government, that what we have been saying is the truth. We've been telling them over and over again that this is not a once in a 30 or 40 years occurrence."

The Labour politician added: "I keep saying to the Government that we need to do something before the winter because once it comes we're going to have problems.

"Just because we have a lower population doesn't mean we should be able to live safely and securely.

"We flood more frequently and we have more infrastructure damage and we need to be taken seriously."

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John   Boyston , Carlisle Wednesday, 11 October, 2017 at 7:04PM
Couldn’t agree more in what is been said here,also I feel something needs put into place now something big for Cumbria and flooded areas. It will cost a lot of money but if it planned out correctly ie good flood defences that do work n hold more water out n extra flood defences then do it please. If this not done then it’s going to cost not only you more money every time we get flooded to fund repairs but People insurance premiums will be going up up n up n some may not get it again ect.
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