Help track down West Cumbria's otters

10 May 2017 5:42PM

West Cumbria Rivers Trust wants help finding otters in the area.

The trust and the Environment Agency will be surveying dozens of bridges across West Cumbria next Friday for signs of otters, who often mark their territory on rocks or ledges beneath bridges.

Agency staff used to carry out surveys every few years but there has not been a recent survey and both organisations are keen to find out if otters are still common here.

Otters are top predators in rivers and wetland areas so are an indicator species for the health of the ecosystem.

Rebecca Neal, the trust’s education and outreach officer, said: “The survey requires a lot of people, so we are keen to hear from any potential volunteers, especially if they have experience in recognising otter signs.

“Even if you can’t help out on the day, it is really important to record casual sightings of otters or their signs, or any other wildlife that you see.

“You can do this through the Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre.”

For more information, call Rebecca on 017687 75429.

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