'Hottest ever' supermarket curry is "off the charts"

12 October 2017 5:15PM

It's thought to be the hottest ever curry on offer in a supermarket.

Morrisons' Volcanic Vindaloo hit the shelves across Cumbria this week to mark National Curry Week and we decided to put our tasters to the test.

Our reporter Jonny Irving said: "It's off the charts. The chilli is the killer. It definitely does what it says on the tin.

"I can usually handle quite hot curries but this is off the charts.

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"Have some milk ready if you are going to try it."

Business reporter Duncan Bick added: "It's certainly an experience. I can't really feel my tongue."

The six-chilli curry is so hot it even comes with a bold safety warning.

It's no surprise then that its key ingredient is the Naga chilli, one of the world's hottest varieties.

This particular chilli is said to be 200 times hotter than a regular jalapeno or Tabasco sauce.

Group head of digital audience development Ian Brogden has a love of spicy food with a kick.

He said it's important that hot dishes are flavoursome rather than just about the heat for heat's sake.

Reviewing the Volcanic Vindaloo he said: "It's got plenty taste in. It's not overly hot.

"There is a little bit of sweat but other than that it was fine.

"I got the world's hottest curry a couple of years ago but it doesn't compare to it."

Ian said the world's hottest curry, which he had near Kendal was "properly hot and something you could feel burning on your tongue for some time."

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