Olympian to lead new charity programme in Cumbria

Dame Kelly Holmes
Dame Kelly Holmes
19 March 2017 7:58PM

A charity spearheaded by a a double Olympic champion will roll out a new programme in Cumbria today.

The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust is bringing its 14-month "Get on Track" programme to Allerdale in a bid to help people lead positive lives.

Having tasted success in other parts of the UK, the programme will be available to young adults aged between 16 and 25.

The trust will be working in partnership with the Cumbria Youth Alliance with support from Active Cumbria and Inspira to deliver the programme, which will be led by former British Olympic boxer Courtney Fry.

The first session will take place at Moorclose Community Centre on Needham Drive, Workington between 10am and 4pm today.

Sessions will then be held weekly on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Anyone who wishes to take part in the programme can do so by visiting the community centre today.

The trust says it has committed to supporting 1,400 young people facing disadvantage in Cumbria over the next three years through its mentoring programmes, which will also involve other athletes.

Participants will be able to develop a range of positive attitudes including confidence, resilience, determination, focus and motivation. Dame Kelly said the initiative will help to transform the lives of many people across Allerdale.

She said: "It is independently established that world-class athletes have a unique set of attitudes and capabilities which has led them to reach the pinnacle of elite-level competition.

"We harness these and use them to transform the lives of young people who require our support and equip them with the skills needed to lead positive lives.”

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