West Cumbrian Starbucks staff pledge to keep the streets clean

13 July 2017 12:20PM

Staff from West Cumbria's Starbucks branch will litter-pick once a month following concerns from its neighbours.

The coffee shop, at Cockermouth's Oakhurst service station, is working with Allerdale council on the project.

Councillor Joan Ellis, executive member at Allerdale council who represents the Christ Church ward in Cockermouth, said: "A handful of concerned residents in Cockermouth had contacted me about the amount of litter along the road, some of which had come from Starbucks.

"We decided to meet with the team to discuss our options, and I am delighted that they have agreed to help us in keeping the town an attractive and welcoming place."

"We decided to meet with the Starbucks team from the area to discuss our options, and I am delighted that they have agreed to help us."

It has pledged that two members of staff will volunteer their time to pick up rubbish.

Their first outing was yesterday, led by store manager Amber Blanchfield.

They picked up litter along Lamplugh Road to the town centre. the team of volunteers travelled from the store at Oakhurst Services to the town centre, clearing the streets of litter along the way.

Starbucks and Euro Garages, which runs the petrol station complex, have also displayed more signs to encourage people to dispose of their rubbish responsibly.

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