Cockermouth's new Lidl store under fire for its "appalling signs"

The Lidl store in Maryport
The Lidl store in Maryport
20 March 2017 3:42PM

Cockermouth's new Lidl store has come under fire over its proposed new signs which have been described as “appalling”.

Town councillors this week discussed a planning application for a 7.45m illuminated sign for Lidl and neighbouring WCF.

The application was submitted after councillors raised concerns about initial designs for the sign, describing it as “inappropriate” and “overkill”.

Town mayor Sam Standage said: “We had a presentation about the signage and told them our views. They’re now coming back with the same application.

“It’s massive and completely out of character.”

Work to build the new supermarket is set to begin next month. The firm began demolition of the former Fairfield Garage in January and said it hoped to open the Station Road store next spring.

The development is set to create up to 40 jobs.

Councillor Isobel Burns described the proposed signage as “appalling”.

“It would not be so bad if they had made some changes after asking for our views,” said Coun David Malloy.

They recommended refusal of the sign, along with another application

by the company for five fascia adverts, two hoarding adverts and a single poster advert.

Cockermouth and District Civic Trust has objected to the pylon sign. Spokesman Darren Ward said: “We are disappointed that the submitted scheme does not take in to account our concerns and observations made at the pre-consultation meeting.

“At that consultation we expressed our concern for a pylon design of such height as it is both out of keeping with the town and its general location. While the site is located out of the town centre, it is located at the entrance to it and as such will cause harm.

“We accept that Sainsbury’s has a similar-sized pylon advert but this is located more discreetly and with an immediate backdrop of trees, unlike the proposed sign which will stand independently and as such have far greater impact.”

Lidl announced plans for its new Cockermouth store in late 2015.

It plans to build a new unit for the existing WCF store on the former garage site, then demolish its original building to make way for the supermarket.

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