Cumbria design firm praised for 'excellent workmanSHEEP'

The Renault Twizy wrapped by Ast Signs
The Renault Twizy wrapped by Ast Signs
4 October 2017 10:54AM

A SPECIALIST vehicle wrapping and branding firm has been told it has "raised the BAA" by a global car manufacturer.

Penrith-based Ast Signs sparked the comical response from Renault after the branding company wrapped a Twizy vehicle as a sheep to mark World Animal Day.

Ast Signs said on Twitter: "Happy World Animal Day! Apparently we're not allowed to wrap animals, so here's a @renault_uk Twizy we wrapped to look like a sheep instead."

Continuing the theme, Renault replied: "EWE are brilliant and that is excellent workmanSHEEP! You've certainly raised the BAA when it comes to wrapping a TWIZY!"

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