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Monday, 06 July 2015

Parents’ fury at Maryport's ‘no-go’ play areas

Playgrounds in Maryport have become “no-go” areas for children after 5pm, the town council heard this week.

The issue, of growing concern to parents, was highlighted by Coun Carni McCarron-Holmes.

She said the council had to seriously look at the wisdom of creating any more playgrounds because of the problem of anti-social behaviour.

Monday’s meeting heard that a new playground in Ellenborough, opened three weeks ago, had already been the subject of four complaints to the police.

Parents of young children are dismayed about the number of teenagers and adults who take over the playgrounds in the evenings.

There are regular complaints about empty drink bottles and condoms being discarded where children play.

Swings are wrapped around their frames to be used as goal posts, which prevents youngsters from using them.

Coun McCarron-Holmes said she believed a town centre problem had been moved to other areas.

She said: “Since the dispersal order cleared the town centre, the playgrounds have become the place where people meet.

“The residents living nearby are taxpayers, too, and deserve some peace from the noise and disturbance at night.”

John Hunter, publican at the Crown Inn, near the Ellenborough playground, said he had witnessed bullying and had called the police.

A 61-year-old woman resident complained of people at the playground at 1am drinking and shouting.

Sheree Armstrong, 31, of Netherton, said: “They burned the equipment on the Hillside playground and it was never replaced.

“Shiver Me Timbers is closed at night because of vandalism. It is because there is nothing for teenagers to do. They are bored.”

Emma Burns, 25, also of Netherton, who has two children, complained that teenagers took over the playgrounds in the evenings.

Joanna Clark, who lives near the Camp Road playground, said her seven-year-old son had been unable to use swings that were wrapped around posts.

Michelle Ismay, a mother from Netherton, said higher fences were required and playgrounds should be locked at night.

PCSO Lisa Jackson, who was at the council committee meeting, confirmed that there had been four complaints about incidents at the Ellenborough playground, which has been open less than a month.

She said: “It is adults causing the problems.

“I would urge people to report any incident as soon as it happens.

“If we can identify problem areas we could get patrols there.”

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Children under 10 should still be supervised in any play area .... Report ALL anti social behaviour - get video evidence...
If there are parents present this behaviour is less likely to occur.......
You want your kids to play, get a rota with other parents and reclaim the play areas. Simples x

Posted by BettyB on 9 July 2012 at 11:17

Would you have the skate park / bike track outside of your house. I certainly wouldnt Isnt there a boys club, sea cadet unit and an army unit in the town ? also various football and rugby clubs ?
My aunty lives by the new one and its sheer hell. Bored and want somewhere to hang out...build a shed in your garden and let them hang out there instead of making lives hell

Posted by Peter on 16 June 2012 at 18:19

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