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Tuesday, 07 July 2015

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Drug recovery clinic and users will be discreet

We intend to open a Unity recovery centre in Workington which will be a central point of contact for people with substance misuse problems.

recovery 0709
CENTRE SITE: The proposed location of a new NHS drug and alcohol clinic on Finkle Street, in Workington

This service is needed because substance misuse causes many social problems.

From crime to unemployment, addictions can cost the local economy and the social community a great deal.

Some of the people who objected to the planning application at Finkle Street have publicly talked about incidences of shoplifting by individuals seeking to fund drink or drug habits so clearly the problem is already in Workington.

While we did look carefully at other buildings in Workington, Finkle Street was the best option in terms of size, value for money and accessibility.

We will refurbish the building so it looks tasteful and discreet.

When we set about a project like this, we try to get in the mind set of a service user and make the building seem friendly and welcoming and reinforce the supportive and caring environment we offer.

We would like to reassure the community that we do not wish to see any of the disruption they are concerned about.

The health and safety of our staff is of paramount importance as is the safety of the community.

It would not be acceptable to see groups of service users congregating outside the building as it may deter other service users from coming to their appointment.

Over the decades of experience that we have in running these types of centres, we know that when service users visit the centre, they wish it to be as discreet and confidential as possible.

These people want to get better and do not tend to draw attention to themselves or indulge in the type of behaviour which has blighted their lives in the past.

By coming to the centre, they are taking their first step towards recovery and we have all the expertise to help them stay there.

Our organisation has a proven track record of helping people stop anti-social behaviours and put them into a journey of recovery, with the support and help to keep them addiction free.

We acknowledge the concerns expressed by the local community and business owners about possible disruption to this town centre location.

However, as an NHS organisation we have very strong governance arrangements and a zero tolerance attitude towards anti-social behaviour.

We make it very clear to service users about the level of behaviour we expect from them when they visit our centres and we will deal with anyone who does not abide by these rules quickly and appropriately.

Within Workington we have a good working relationship with the local police who see the centre as a positive step.

We plan to meet regularly with them and members of the community once the service is up and running to address any problems promptly and efficiently.

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I feel the town centre is the wrong place for this facility..it is not the impression we want to give..I am aware of the growing problem with substance and alcohol abuse and feel a better solution would be more funding to the facilities that are already in place. Most of the clients live out of town and help should be taken where it is needed. We also need greater awareness programmes in the schools..prevention is always better than cure.

Posted by mrs G Wiggin on 21 October 2012 at 16:36

If I had a problem which was most likely to be seen in less than a positive light by my fellow citizens I am sure I would not like to exhibit myself on a main street. Give people some privacy and not make them exhibits.

Posted by Right on man on 15 September 2012 at 08:57

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