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Sunday, 05 July 2015

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60,000 speeders caught in Cockermouth

More than 60,000 vehicles have been caught speeding in Cockermouth’s 30mph zones over the last four months, new figures reveal.


The information will be used by police to target areas where drivers are most likely to put their foot down.

The highest speed clocked by the town’s speed indication device, operated by the rural safety group, was 89mph on Lorton Road.

The device logged 115,000 cars from February.

Other town hot spots included:

l Low Road, with 73 per cent of drivers travelling over 35mph and a highest speed of 81mph

l Lamplugh Road, with 49 per cent travelling over 35mph and a highest speed of 63mph

l Castlegate Drive, past Cockermouth School, with 36 per cent and highest speed of 69mph

l Gote Road, with 55 per cent travelling above 35mph and highest speed of 61mph.

Peter Wilkinson, of Sunscales Avenue, a group member, has been responsible for moving the device to the locations.

He converted the data, which has been passed to police.

Mr Wilkinson said: “There is obviously a speeding problem in Cockermouth.

“Every day I see people on Lorton Road going past my house at 60mph to 70mph. You see people going out of town accelerating away.

“People were getting frustrated with the lack of progress and not doing anything about speeding as the police don’t seem to have the resources to try and tackle it.”

The device collects data from individual cars in the form of speed and time but does not identify the vehicle.

It has been programmed to not show speeds above 45mph to discourage motorists from setting a high number as they drive past.

Inspector Dennis Kelly, of Cumbria police, said: “The data provided will help us to concentrate on problem hot spots for speeding and making drivers aware of the dangers they put themselves and others in when they speed.”

Geoff Walker, headteacher at Cockermouth School, said: “At peak times there can be the movement of 1,600 pupils, students and staff along Castlegate Drive so the speed limit must be adhered to at all times.”

Len Davies, chairman of the rural safety group, said: “We cannot just ignore the situation.

“I certainly hope the police respond. They are quite impressed with the information we have gathered and said it will be of assistance to them in trying to address the issue.”

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This is a lie
60000 motorists have not been caught speeding.
They have been recorded at driving at a speed that can not been virified due to the fact that these sighns are not calibrated to the accuracy required to provide a conviction.
Lets have the correct information please T&S

Posted by The Stig on 17 May 2012 at 07:49

Here we go again, another headline to support the fact that the poor motorist is being fleeced of his cash.
Lets get one thing striaight, if speeding is a serious issue then put police there and police it.
This is another piece of propaganda that is aimed at creating a argument to make it acceptable to continue to price the motorist of the road.

Posted by Tee Tee on 17 May 2012 at 07:46

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