Artwork to guide Cockermouth shoppers

24 August 2017 1:46PM

A three-day consultation will be held into plans for some artwork which will point Cockermouth shoppers in the direction of Market Place.

Town councillors are planning to spend some of its town centre budget on a sign or mural which will encourage people on Main Street to venture further.

The council receives £10,000 from Allerdale council each year to spend on the town centre.

Two gable end sites have been identified for the signs - one on The Art and Craft Shop on Main Street and the other on Happy Dogs on Market Place. An artist has been appointed.

Allerdale council's town centre manager Joe Broomfield told councillors: "With public art it's important to get everyone on board.

"Initial feedback from Cockermouth businesses is this is something they have wanted for a long time."

Councillor David Malloy questioned whether a consultation was needed.

Mr Broomfield said: "If we put a sign up without talking to local businesses we are opening ourselves up to criticism.

"We need to involve the building owners and talk to local people and get them on board."

A three-day consultation process will cost £750. It is hoped a planning application could then be submitted in September with work starting early in the new year, said Mr Broomfield.

Coun Sam Standage said: "I think it's important to attract people into Market Place."

Coun Rebecca Hanson said: "I support a consultation process. It's appropriate and needed."

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