VIDEO: Uppies secure win against Downies in mass football game

24 April 2017 8:01AM

A grudge match like no other took place in Workington tonight.

The second round of the three-series Uppies and Downies mass football game started at 6.30pm and each side fought valiantly for the honours.

But the Uppies won out in the end, making the 2017 series a draw so far and it all to play for in the final game tomorrow.

Liam Friel, 24, of Westfield, hailed the ball at Workington Hall. He had never hailed a ball before.

He said: "It's unbelievable. I don't think we'd do it, but I think we'll win again."

As soon as the ball was thrown off by Robert Daglish, 37, of Rowrah, at 6.30pm at the Cloffocks bridge, the scrum immediately fell in the beck.

A constantly moving game of around two hours and 10 minutes saw neither side give the other an inch as the scrum moved slowly back and forth.

A break away by Terry McDowell saw Uppies gain the advantage as they ended up in the car park by Wilkos.

The Uppies managed to get the ball as far as the police station, on Hall Park View, at around 8pm when the Downies swooped and tipped everyone back into the beck.

But Uppies soon dislodged the ball from the beck and it was on its way up when Downies had a late surge and dug their heels in at the bottom of Hall Brow.

Downies were putting up a huge fight to wrestle the ball to safer ground but Uppies soon pushed it upwards and were victorious.

We were live throughout the entire game. Find out what happened below:

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