West Cumbrian bridge to close for more roadworks

15 May 2017 3:40PM

A West Cumbrian bridge is set to close on Thursday for more roadworks, just weeks after it was shut for a month.

Broughton Bridge was due to close for three days of resurfacing from January 25 but was forced to remain shut after workmen damaged a gas pipe that was too close to the surface.

It stayed closed until late February while Northern Gas Networks rerouted the gas supply beneath the River Derwent and the bridge was then resurfaced.

Now it is set to shut for another two days to allow surface dressing work to be carried out.

A county council spokesman said that work could not be done in February because the road surface temperature was too low.

The work has been scheduled to start on Thursday, as part of a wider programme of work being carried out by contractors. That programme is is weather dependent.

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