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Saturday, 04 July 2015

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Cockermouth youngsters launch petition to make estate roads safer

Pupils at Cockermouth’s All Saints School have launched a petition to get the Slatefell estate’s speed limit reduced to 20mph.

SLOW DOWN: The school council at All Saints School, in Cockermouth, have launched a petition for the speed limit around the Slatefell estate to be lowered to 20mph in a bid to improve road safety

The 12 members of the school council are leading calls for a crackdown on cars which they say reach speeds well in excess of the area’s present 30mph limit.

The youngsters, many of whom live on the estate and who walk to the school on Slatefell Drive, said they would feel safer if the speed limit was cut.

Their petition has already attracted more than 200 signatures.

Yvonne Dykes, year three teacher and leader of the school council, said: “This issue came up at our very first meeting and the children came up with the idea of starting the petition.

“A lot of children live on these roads, walk to school and play out in the street and it is very dangerous for them.

“All the parents have supported us and signed the petition and people will be able to sign it when we have it at our Christmas fair.”

Amy Stringer, a member of the school council, has designed posters that may be used around the estate to warn drivers.

The school has also handed out leaflets telling people of the benefits of driving at 20mph, while some older children have been talking to parents.

Mrs Dykes said: “We are working hard on it and we just want everybody to be safe.

“We are also educating them about road safety.”

Mrs Dykes attended the Cockermouth Rural Safety Group’s meeting last night to explain the initiative.

Len Davies, town councillor and chairman of the group, said: “I am so pleased to see that the youngsters have brought this issue up.

“They have raised some very valid points.

“Safety is the obvious concern and I fully back what they are doing.

“The group will support the youngsters in any way and it is something I would like to see round all the schools.

“We have had a couple of accidents on Windmill Lane but the key is enforcement.

“It is refreshing to see democracy in action from these children.”

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www.20splentyforus.org.uk is the national 20mph campaign website. Please contact me at anna.s@20splentyforus.org.uk if you would like help with campaigning

Posted by Anna Semlyen on 26 November 2012 at 13:29

While i do agree that a 20mph speed limit would be a good idea, i also think that some other issues need to be taken into account.
Like the way some of the parents park, when picking up the children. (i know it's hard) but:
There is a large circle by the school that people could use to park in, but no, they insist on parking on Highfield road and onto Grisedale PLace, to pick up children and drop them off. Making is very hard for drivers coming up or going down the road, or indeed trying to turn, since they have parked right on the corner.

Why they just can't park up by Highfield club and walk down the road.

Yes it is a busy road, but my point is, if there were no cars parked on the road, people have a clear view of what's coming both ways.

Several times i have had arguments with parents who have parked outside my garage, when it clearly says DO NOT PARK. If it was just a few minutes, i can understand that, but no, some are there for ages, i wonder how they would like it, if i blocked them in.

So again my point is, yes drop the speed limit, but other things should be considered.

Posted by Highfield resident on 25 November 2012 at 12:26

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