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Tuesday, 07 July 2015

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Panic at the pumps in West Cumbria

Petrol stations have been running out of diesel as motorists top up in anticipation of a possible strike by tanker drivers.


  • Oakhurst Service Station, Cockermouth, is out of diesel but has unleaded petrol.
  • Maryport Service Station still has fuel but is limiting sales to £30 per customer.
  • Fairfield service station, Cockermouth, has petrol and diesel.
  • Seaton Service Station has diesel and petrol.
  • Middlemoor Service Station at Stainburn has diesel and unleaded
  • Long Mile at Lillyhall has diesel but no petrol. A delivery is due tomorrow.
  • Morrisons in Workington has diesel and petrol.
  • Asda in Workington is still out of fuel and does not know when it will get a delivery. 



  • Fairfield service station, Cockermouth, still has diesel and unleaded petrol.
  • Asda in Workington still has its filling station closed.
  • Oakhurst Service Station, Cockermouth, still has unleaded petrol but no diesel.
  • Maryport Service Station, Curzon Street has plenty of fuel but is limiting fuel to £30-worth per customer.
  • Seaton Service Station, has diesel and petrol and is very busy.
  • Middlemoor Service Station, Stainburn, still has diesel and petrol and is due a delivery tomorrow.
  • Long Mile at Lillyhall expects petrol to run out within half an hour but should have enough diesel to last the day.
  • Morrisons in Workington has fuel and queues are tailing back down Derwent Drive.


  • Fairfield service station, Cockermouth, now has diesel and unleaded petrol after a delivery this morning. 
  • Asda in Workington has closed its filling station after the pumps ran dry.
  • Oakhurst Service Station, Cockermouth, is out of diesel but has unleaded petrol.
  • Maryport Service Station, Curzon Street is limiting fuel to £30-worth per customer to ration its fuel supplies. It has both diesel and unleaded petrol.
  • Seaton Service Station, has diesel and petrol.
  • Middlemoor Service Station, Stainburn, has quite a bit of diesel and petrol and is due a delivery tomorrow.
  • Long Mile at Lillyhall should have enough diesel to last the day but is running out of unleaded petrol.
  • Morrisons in Workington still has petrol and diesel with queues back to the entrance to the supermarket car park.



  • Fairfield service station, Cockermouth, closed an hour early last night after it also ran out of fuel. A delivery is expected this morning
  • Asda in Workington is closed after its pumps ran dry.
  • Oakhurst Service Station, Cockermouth,  is out of diesel this morning but still had unleaded petrol.
  • Maryport Service Station, Curzon Street is limiting fuel to £30-worth per customer to ration its fuel supplies.
  • Seaton Service Station, which ran out diesel on Wednesday and petrol yesterday, had a delivery at 9.30pm last night.
  • Middlemoor Service Station, Stainburn, ran out of diesel yesterday, had a delivery last night.
  • Long Mile at Lillyhall is close to running out of unleaded petrol this morning and is expected to run dry in the next hour but diesel should last the day.
  • Morrisons in Workington still had petrol and diesel this morning and traffic was queuing back down Derwent Drive as far as Topps Tiles to get to the forecourt.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Halfords said there had been a run on Jerry can sales.

He added: "We are getting deliveries all the time but if the demand continues we could run out."


Some garages have reported running out of diesel and unleaded fuel. 

  • Maryport Service Station has placed a £30 limit on motorists.
  • A contingency plan has been launched by the county council to ensure essential service keep running.
  • Tailbacks have hit the area’s major supermarkets as drivers try to fill up their tanks.

Seaton service station ran out of diesel on Wednesday and unleaded petrol yesterday.

Middlemoor at Stainburn ran out of diesel yesterday.

Long Mile at Lillyhall ran out of ultimate diesel yesterday, and Fairfield Garage in Cockermouth ran out of diesel yesterday morning and expected to run out of unleaded by yesterday evening. Cockermouth’s Oakhurst service station declined to comment.

They were all expecting deliveries last night or this morning.

Eric Best, manager of Middlemoor on Stainburn Road, said: “Our sales of fuel have increased by half.

“We are a designated site used a lot by the emergency services and I believe they will get the fuel to us one way or another. We just hope it doesn’t become a free-for-all.”

Steve Trembath, site manager of Hills Long Mile, said: “We’ve had people coming in for fuel who don’t normally come in.

“They’ve all said they’re worried there’s going to be a strike.”

Pam Barnes, shop assistant at Seaton service station, said: “It’s been so busy every day this week – much busier than normal.”

At Maryport Service Station on Curzon Street, a maximum spend of £30 per customer was enforced.

Flimby’s Long and Small garage had a fuel delivery yesterday.

Jim Nelson, owner, said: “I’ve definitely seen an increase in people coming in.

“They have all seemed concerned about the possible strikes.”

Traffic backed up outside Morrisons’ forecourt onto Derwent Drive, Workington, as drivers queued.

Asda, on Maryport Road, saw vehicles queuing into the car park.

Some drivers said they waited nearly 30 minutes.

Bill White-Smythe, 46, of Ewanrigg Road, Maryport, who was filling up at Morrisons, said: “I’ve waited for ages. Everyone seems a bit panicked that they’re going to run out.”

At Oakhurst in Cockermouth, Simon Waide, 23, of Slatefell Drive, said: “It’s worrying what they’re saying and that’s why I’m filling up today.”

Cumbria County Council, which takes a lead role in planning for emergencies, said it was working with police, fire service, district councils and other organisations to make sure contingency plans were in place so essential services could continue to operate in the event of a fuel shortage.

But a spokesman urged people not to panic.

On Monday, Unite announced that members working for five main fuel distribution firms had voted in favour of strike action in a dispute over safety and terms and conditions.

The Government has been discussing its contingency plans to cope with any strike action.

A spokesman said it was training about 200 army personnel to stand in for tanker drivers if a strike was called to ensure that the emergency services had fuel.

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Well done everyone for joining that long queue for petrol at Morrisons. Did anyone ever consider their stupdity of blocking the road, particulary the mini roundabout to get in and out of the area? THe same problem arises at Christmas too. The entry and exit system on this area needs re routed to avoid this probem.

Posted by Mary on 1 April 2012 at 20:51

Are we all stupid it certainley seems like it as in last weeks budget the Government increased the duty on fuel by another 3p a litre then immediately announced there could be strikes, which in turn nobody no is bothered about the fule hike, I saw this used in my younger days the company sent a rumopur around that there were 60 people to be paid off mass panic endured and in the end they paid 12 people off and everything went quite this is government propoganda at its best

Posted by Gary on 31 March 2012 at 00:05

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