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Tuesday, 07 July 2015

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NEW PHOTOS: Kids in Glass Houses prove Wiley shouldn't throw stones

Kids in Glass Houses proved that Wiley missed a trick by dissing the CockRock crowd.

SUNDAY 10.54pm

Kids in Glasshouses closed CockRock 2013 in style. In the words of my friend Ash, they are awesome and worked the crowd into a frenzy fr all the right reasons frm the moment they hit the stage.

It's a brilliant sized Sunday night crowd, everyone's in a chilled out mood and was ready to go out on a high.

Despite that hiccup with Wiley - it's right, it was a problem on par with not having enough toilets - which to be honest turned out better without him, it's been an ace weekend and talking to other festival-goers actually united everyone who attended.

CockRock has done it again. It may have been a smaller crowd, but it's turned out to be one that we'll be talking about for years to come - where were you when Wiley disappeared? But you'll probably have to remind people who Wiley was.

SUNDAY 9.20pm

The awesome Dreadzone have just finished on the main stage and went down a storm, loads of people dancing to the reggae beat. This is how professional musicians get the crowd going without being divas. And playing a full set too. Who'da thunk it?

Been meaning to say all day - security guard hurt last night cracked a couple of ribs and was back at work today.

13 Stars were as awesome as ever, although Jacksson seemed to be having a Timotei moment - the fan in front of him was giving his hair that windswept look

And Eocene's set in Tent 42 got off to a great start with plenty of oomoph - we had to rush off, sadly, but I'm sure it continued in the same vein.


Just seen Ex-Lepers in bar - brilliantly lead singer Stu said: "Thanks to Five and Dangerous as our support act." Great stuff and they did their stuff like they always do. One of the best covers bands around. Caught a bit of Oven in Tent 42.

Dreadzone on main stage now, and looking forward to Newcastle band  Eocene - randomly used to go to school with their lead singer.

See you later!

SUNDAY 6.53pm

Sorry for the break - had internet issues earlier. Saw Falling Red on the main stage - these boys give good rock and look the part indeed. As my mate Fliggy said: "I would have killed for hair like that in the 80s." Fliggy was here and sposed to drum for Project 9, who unfortunately had to pull out after their singer broke both arms in a motorbike accident yesterday. Ouch and get well soon.

Muffwigs were on in Tent 42, not really my cup of tea but going down a storm. But as always, Five and Dangerous got the bar jumping. For lessons in stagecraft, just see a certain Mr Woods.

In fact, if you take the young Falling Red singer and age them about 40 years, you'd have the Pecker Woods of the future.

Maybe not 40, sorry Pecker.

Anyway, Five Jackson, of Collision, to sing the chorus of Whiskey in the Jar. Brllliant fun and the busiest I've seen the bar all weekend. 

Much more to come this evening. And in case you were wondering, I found my bandana. Someone left it on the logs in the green area. Tank you to them!

see you later.

SUNDAY 4.48pm

It's been manic - seen Sid Wright at the Gav McKew stage, had a fab ice cream from Wellington Jerseys (no, I'm not being sponsored and other ice creams are available). Missed mate's band in Tent 42 cos we were chatting and times all messed up, chased Jim Rock round the field - it's the first time the festival's mascot has been out for three years - drnk an iced coffee and lost my bandana that I've had for years., due to proper running after Jim to get video.

Oh and we sent Terry fior a lie down in our hotel room cos he looked ready to drop.

Now off for a log belt of bands, including AWOL, Ex-Lepers etc - so it might be a while before we're back here!

SUNDAY 2.50pm

We've had a great scoot around the site and saw Sioux Nation own Tent 42 - great to see the new line-up and the return of this much-loved West Cumbrian band, long may they rock.

We also bumped into the mum and grandma of Jacksson from 13 Stars. They are CockRock regulars and grandma is a right party animal - we got her a chair so she could sit in the bar stage an listen to the tunes. She's a rock and roll granny.

Die No More were recommended to us by Suzanne (again) and another friend so we popped into the session tent to see them. Well worth it if you like your metal grungy and loud.

Suzanne and her other half are DJs for TBFM and they champion unsigned bands like Die No More.

Heard some great stuff on the Gav McKew stage - thanks Boots - and we're looking forward to Sid Wright, the Solway Deltas, Five and Dangerous, Ex-Lepers and a host of other local acts, plus the main stagers.

SUNDAY 1.02pm

Organisers say they are disappointed that Wiley decided not to play a full set, but in the end it all worked out.

He played his hits and festival-goers got the added bonus of Colt 45 and Reverend and the Makers, who both rocked the main stage and brought the festival to a cracking end.

Marie Whitehead, of cnevents, said: "We're not angry, we would have been just as disappointed if the loos hadn't turned up These things happen and we'll get together next week to look at our next steps.

"It hasn't detracted from the rest of the weekend, which has been great and continues to be great. 

"We were lucky that Colt 45 had just finished in Tent 42 and we were able to grab them as a contingency as Wiley went on stage. You've always got to have a plan B. Reverend and the Makers had such a good time at CockRock, they were keen to get back on stage."

BTW - someone has set up a Facebook page, urging Wiley to give his fee to charity.



SUNDAY 12.49pm

ITTTTTTT'S SUNNNNNNNDAYYYYYYYYYYY! You can tell it's a Sunday at CockRock, Collision are on the main stage.

Clint Stamper's done his obligatory turn on the drums with the popular local band - thery're always a great start to Sunday - lead singer Gary Jackson always gets the crowd going.

Stealer are in the bar too, giving some good old blues! And of course, there's the  Wiley jokes that have started!




SUNDAY 1.55pm

Forgot to thank Jon McClure for mentioning the Times & Star on stage. I think he and our reporter Paul Crute bonded over Sheffield. 


Well, according to Wiley, we're a county of pagans and he said:"I drove into Cumbria picked up 15 k underneath the noses of a few haters not everyone was ... just a few ...Fear no area or no human .Amen ." on Twitter and "I love my job to death and also I love my intuition ..I always know when a place ain't really popping ."

Well, no, Wiley, it wouldn't really pop after you said you didn't want to play here.

And my favourite: "Dear god you know I don't care about money and I am not fooled by charities either ....But I'm gonna **** this 15 k up the wall."

I am, for the first time ever, speechless.

I believe a can got him in the leg, which was the reason he walked off stage. Perhaps he limped, I don't know.

So instead of a grime artist we got a grand local trio and the lead singer of a band who lifted the roof off earlier.  In my opinion and for my musical preferences, we got the best side of the deal.

On a more serious note, I am led to believe a girl dislocated her arm while on a fairground ride and a security guard was taken to hospital with suspected neck/back injuries after an incident by the main stage. Accounts differ, but we'll get them checked out tomorrow.

SATURDAY 11.03pm

Colt 45 saved CockRock. A blistering set from the trio - milking it for all they worth - on the main stage was a worthy antidote to a certain grime star's antics and a great pre-emptive strike by organisers (Colt were in the wings).

I still don't know what grime is as a musical genre, to be honest.

To me it's just a type of dirt.

Anyway, I predict big things for Colt 45. They deserve it after all their hard work over the last 12 months or so.

Jon McClure is on stage now, leading the crowd in a sing-along.

I don't actually think weve missed whatshisface all that much, to be honest.


SATURDAY 10.31pm

Wley's just tweeted "I just earned £1,000 a min. Best  job ever." and "Thankyou Cumbria, See you again soon." Er, I don't think so.

SATURDAY 10.20pm

Wiley was on stage, half the audience seemed to like him, the other half booing like crazy.

After a day of slinging insults on social networking website Twitter, he arrived at CockRock and seemed to be in a chilled out mood.

The crowd weren't very forgiving - half seemed delighted to see him but boos were shouted out thick and fast.

Signs held up by audience members also told him plainly what they felt.

People started lobbing plastic glasses filled with liquid.

None hit him but after three songs, he promptly left the stage.

Colt 45 - one of my ersonal favourites - are heroes of the hour and are currently setting up to inadvertentlyb headline the festival!



What a whirlwind two hours - it's like CockRock woke up from its sun-induced sleepiness. As soon as Reverend and the Makers bounded on stage, it was like a switch had been flipped. 

I have never seen a crowd go from lazing on a sunny afternoon to this is A PROPER CONCERT so fast. The palpitations as we waited for lead singer Jon McClure to come on stage were evident and when he did, it just exploded.

Amazing set from the band and jolly nice they were too - Jon's uncle Malcolm played for Haven you know.

That energy seeped through the rest of the site for very different bands. Down on the Gatherer stage - which if I've neglected, I'm sorry, it's been ace - Pikey Beatz got the crowd jumping, Colt 45 were rocking Tent 42 (the Vice takeover really worked) and Brightside's set played to a packed session tent.

Ace time.Long may it continue this weekend. 



Mark's just had a nice macaroni pie from the pie bus. He was a bit confused about what was in it but the pie man and myself decided it was fairly descriptive - macaroni cheese in a pie. I've also been told off by my friend Boots for not mentioning the Gav McKew stage not in relation to Gav McKew. Swoon.

There's been some great acoustic acts on there and the sound (provided by Boots) is great. Happy now?

Man Like Me is on stage at the moment, they're going down well - really full of energy and pepping up the crowd. 

Looking forward to Reverend & The Makers, apparently thtey're going to come on stage doing something really special.

Then w'eve got a busy couple of hours covering several local bands in quick succession too!




Just seen the mighty Sails play Tent 42 - lead guitarist Shane Sanderson was bring shy and hiding round the back of a speaker stack, but we got him with camera and video eventually. Ha. Wiley has arrived and is backstage and w've been chatting to members of AWOL, who are here to play tomorrow.

There's a bloke buzzing CockRock in the skies with a gyrocopter too. Bet it's cool up there. Luke Matear was just finishing a set in the session tent.  

As the temperature drops, it's starting to feel more like a festival Saturday and we're looking forward to Reverend and the Makers.


We've just seen Karl Phillips & TMR on the main stage - very funny band and really made you want t dance, if you could be bothered in the heat. I tapped my foot a bit but am sure I would have been more energetic if it wasn't so warm.

Then we ran over to Tent 42 on the recommendation of our friend Suzanne to see the Hostiles - possibly the politest ska band in the business. They swore, then realised there were kids in the tent and apologised.

They were also high-energy and got the tent buzzing. We culdn't stay for that either as Maryport lads Broken English were on in the bar. They attracted an all right sized crowd and belted out covers in their style.

The crowds seem to be arriving now and the fields are filling up - but there's tickets still on sale!


The general feeling is that today feels like a normal CockRock Sunday. As temperatures soar, festival-goers are lazing in the fields, soaking up the rays.

It's a lovely atmosphere on site, just disappointing there aren't more of us to enjoy it.

Photos from today are on their way!


Leroy and the Flicks are rocking the main stage - sometimes you can't beat a great covers band on a beautiful July afternoon. Mass speculation about Wiley, but I've double checked with organisers and it's still all systems go.


Can't believe it's been two hours - the field is filling up nicely but we still need to see more of you down here!

There's been some ace music this morning - and my highlight so far has been the appearance of my secret crush Gav McKew. I knw it's wrong, but I just can't help it..... don't tell anyone. 

We got a picture of him by the Gav McKew stage too. 

alex Hulme on the Gatherers stage was great and we're nwow waiting for Leroy and the Flicks on the main stage - always a festival favourite!

Vce is preparing to take over Tent 42 - lots of local bands who we love.

Come down the farm and come out to play!



We have confirmation that Wiley is in Cumbria and on his way to CockRock. Spread the word!

PS Jakarta Club on main stage now and they are brilliant. Shame there's not many people up yet to see them.

We've also spotted a few people in fancy dress.


After our healty breakfast at the lovely Shepherds Hotel - there's nothing wrong with a good fry-up when there's a busy day ahead - we were all serenaded by a singer with an acoustic guitar in the restaurant.

I'm not sure the members of New City Kings, who appeared on the main stage last night, were too sure about it all as they queued for their sausages!

Nice start to the day - and it's going to be a busy one! And a hot one too - there's no excuse not to come down to have a look round and enjoy the first weekend of summer in style! 


It couldn't have been a better start to CockRock 2013.

The sun was beating down on Wellington Farm as festival-goers thronged through the gates of CockRock.

A different layout, with the addition of a pub selling real ale, chillout food area, comedy tent, and a bigger Tent 42 (always a good thing) made the site more intimate but also gave the feeling of so much more going on.

Fridays at CockRock for us are always a time to catch up with old friends, gauge the lie of the land and check out what the different stages have to offer across the weekend.

It was great to see a stonking set from White Trash Circus in Tent 42, mates of ours from way back and obviously enjoying what they're doing - despite lead singer Telf thinking they weren't very good.

We even enjoyec Mark Blenkinsopp's set in the dance tent!

The 45s are an awesome young band (and I mean they look about 13) who can knock out classic tunes better than men three or four times their age and strutted their stuff at the bar stage.

The Cribs rocked the main stage - which by the way is a sight to behold - it's massive!

There were, in fact, too many stages and too many great acts to mention on here and if Friday night is the taster of the weekend to come, then we're in for a treat.

We also met George, one of the new CockRock babies and William Bowman, grandson of Cockermouth music master Billy, who had a note from his grandad so he could get into the festival.

Genius. Yes, it did get him in. No. I wouldn't try it tomorrow.

We'll be putting up photos and blogging from the festival throughtout the weekend, but really there's no excuse not to get yourself to CockRock and experience it first hand - tickets are still available on the gate.

Oh and by the way, rumours that grime king Wiley is not appearing are, as far as I can make out, still just rumours and he will perform.

More tomorrow. . . .

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Have a look at, https://en-gb.facebook.com/OfficialWiley
The boy aint half getting a kicking! Every time he links to a concert/festival 99% of the following comments are negative.

Posted by Bolverk on 27 July 2013 at 18:55

Spent the weekend at Cockrock and it was glorious, the weather, the music, the food and the atmosphere were top class, a really relaxed feel all weekend, brilliant. However I must complain that I nearly got hit by a toy that Wiley threw out of his pram! other than that minor, NO really minor, hiccup we had the magnificent Colt 45 and Reverend and the Makers, really didn't miss Willey at all. Great event as ever.

Posted by Festival Fan on 22 July 2013 at 08:04

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