Baby Archer won’t keep Simone from the stage!

21 April 2017 7:51AM

A mother-of-six is continuing to amaze her followers by writing – and starring in – another show as well as looking after her newborn baby.

Simone Hetherington takes to the stage tomorrow with the rest of the cast at Maryport's Wave Centre to perform Bamboozled at Easter to a packed-out crowd.

The 37-year-old gave birth to her son Archer less than a week before taking part in her self-penned Christmas pantomime Bamboozled.

Shortly afterwards she was yet again writing a script for tomorrow's event.

Simone, from Dearham, said: "I have loved writing all of the shows and I find it a great way to relax when all the kids are in bed – I can just write away.

"Archer is now four-months-old and it has been a very busy four months but I wouldn't have it any other way."

As well as writing the show, Simone organises and attends the rehearsals, sorts out the props and has even had time to buy a gift for every child in the audience.

She's proud that the event doesn't follow in the footsteps of "traditional shows" as she loves audience participation.

"This show follows the same format as the Christmas one, in that we have the puzzles to solve and the children up dancing about and on stage at the end," she said.

"Staff at The Wave Centre were so impressed with the Christmas show that they asked if we could do another at Easter.

"We all had a meeting and decided that if I was able to write another within a week or so, we would go ahead. Forty-eight hours later and the show was written and we had started rehearsals again."

Simone said she couldn't have got to where she was without her amazing cast, who she called lifelong friends.

Bamboozled at Easter starts at 5pm and tickets cost £7.

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