Calls for Seaton villagers to form community action group

12 July 2017 2:32PM

Seaton residents are being encouraged to have their say about their village and form a community action group.

The Rev Ian Grainger, vicar of Camerton and Seaton with West Seaton, has set up Community Conversations.

The group held its first meeting at the end of last month and Mr Grainger is hoping it will develop into a community action group.

He said: "Conscious of the fact that we live in times when we are often told what it going to be done for us I wanted to put together something that would give people from all parts of the community the opportunity to come together and share their thoughts and express opinions."

The initiative has the backing of the parish council and Mr Grainger is hoping councillors will also join the group.

Mr Grainger said during the first meeting villagers highlighted positive aspects of living in Seaton, such as the community spirit and the thriving local church, but concerns were also raised.

He added: "On the not so good side things such as poor new street lighting, lack of healthcare facilities, nowhere to go for a nice meal, neglected footpaths and verges, dog fouling on the cycle path, rats, and possible future over-development were some of the things highlighted."

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 27 at 7pm in St Paul's Church Hall, Seaton.

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