Dearham man's 70k thank you for helping Joey

Adam Nawrockyj with his son Joey
Adam Nawrockyj with his son Joey
16 March 2017 6:23PM

A Dearham man will run 70km to say thank you to the school that has done so much for his son.

Adam Nawrockyj, 40, of Dearham will run seven 10k races in the coming year to raise money for Dearham Primary School.

His son Joey, four, was born with Hirschsprung’s disease, a rare bowel condition and has recently been diagnosed with autism.

“When we moved to Dearham last year, Joey started going to Dearham school.

“We can’t thank them enough. For a start, the head, Sam Kidd, committed to giving him the one-to-one support he needed which means they are providing two-and-a-half hours a week out of their own budget.

“When he started school he could say a few words. Now he is starting to string sentences together. It has been remarkable.”

He said the family would like to give something back and he decided sponsored runs were something he could do.

They are also organising a charity night later in the year.

Mr Nawrockyj said he has been helped by Workington barber and beautician Isaac and Abbie Moore, who have paid his entry fees, and by Hayley Shaw, of Brewery House, in Broughton, who will host the charity night. His employer, James Walker, has bought him vests to run in. He said he would like to raise at least £1,000.

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