HAPPENING NOW: Uppies and Downies match one

14 April 2017 9:51PM

A Workington family will keep up a three-decade tradition this week as they start the action in the annual Uppies and Downies mass ball game series.

The Good Friday ball will be thrown off by Liam Boyd, 19, of Coopers Walk, grandson of match sponsor Townsley Boyd, 67, of Park Head.

Townsley began sponsoring the ball in 1985 and over the years it has been thrown off by each of his three children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

His daughter Hayley died aged 13 in 1988 and, since then, the family has considered the match ball Hayley’s ball.

But the match will not be without its family rivalries, as Townsley Snr is an Uppie while Townsley Jnr and Liam are Downies.

We'll be reporting live from all the matches and we want to hear from you too! Join us here from 6pm on Friday and if you're there and using social media, use #uppiesanddownies

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