Over-50s invited to have their say on West Cumbria's rural transport

Age UK's Bradbury Independent Living Centre
Age UK's Bradbury Independent Living Centre
14 March 2017 7:37AM

Older people in West Cumbria are being urged to come together this week to discuss rural transport issues and solutions.

West Cumbria Older Persons Forum meets monthly to discuss issues affecting older people's lives.

Today the group will discuss rural transport, with speaker Lorrainne Smyth, chief executive of Action with Communities in Cumbria.

Ken Taylor, forum chairman, said: "The forum membership is made up of representatives from a range of local groups and organisations.
"We take on issues of concern to older people, have a focused discussion and then raise these issues at the various groups our members represent.

"Our members recently took part in a workshop on scams facilitated by Age UK West Cumbria and in the Success Regime consultation on local hospitals.

"Accessible rural transport is a major issue for older people and has a huge impact on social isolation, which is why we have chosen it for a topic this month."

Eva Elliott, a regular forum attender, said: "I enjoy discussing issues that affect the lives of older people.

"I am looking forward to the discussion on rural transport solutions. We need to consider ways we can help each other to get around, as well as encouraging people to use the bus and train services we still have to keep them viable.

"If you are interested in issues that affect older people and want to do something about them then come and join us for worthwhile discussion and a good cup of tea."

The group meets at Age UK’s Bradbury Independent Living Centre on Oxford Street, Workington on the third Friday of the month from 2pm to 4pm. The next meeting is this Friday.

The group is independent and open to anyone aged 50 or over who will take the discussion back to any local groups they are involved in.

To find out more call Peta Leigh, volunteering manager at Age UK West Cumbria, on 01946 66669.

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