Review: Legally Blonde, Carnegie Theatre, Workington

Legally Blonde stars Adam MacCreedy, Becca Milligan and Jack Pike, with Daisy the dog
Legally Blonde stars Adam MacCreedy, Becca Milligan and Jack Pike, with Daisy the dog
20 April 2017 5:06PM

Girl power is reigning supreme at Workington's Carnegie Theatre this week, but it's not the 90s pop variety.

This is the type of girl power that shows you can be both blonde and brainy, and success is reliant on your determination, not the man on your arm.

Legally Blonde The Musical is taking to the stage until Saturday, brought to us by the amazingly talented performers of Workington and District Amateur Musical Society.

And if anyone doesn't get the message loud and clear from Becca Milligan's brilliant portrayal of lead character Elle Woods, who heads to law college in pursuit of love and finds so much more along the way, I can only assume they forgot to actually enter the auditorium.

Legally Blonde provides a fabulous mix of meaningful storyline and laugh-out-loud comedy, intermingled with some challenging and brilliantly entertaining musical numbers.

The first couple of numbers set the scene of the show at break-neck speed but the action soon settles to a manageable pace.

And while there's a serious side to the story, there's some great fun too, with noteable moments including Kim Fisher's performance, along with the chorus, of Ireland - and some great comic timing in the lead up - and the brilliantly choreographed court-room-based number Gay or European, which I can safely say is unlike anything I've ever witnessed in a court room.

With such a fantastic cast it is difficult to single out individuals, with every key character playing their part brilliantly, but it would be remiss not to congratulate the show's canine characters Rufus (played by Bella) and Bruiser Woods (played by Daisy) for their professional performances, good behaviour and, in Rufus's case in particularly, willingness to be on stage (or should that be unwillingness to leave?).

And congratulations to the wardrobe team for managing to create so many different looks in different shades of pink.

If you're at a loose end between now and Saturday, the Carnegie Theatre is the place to be.

Tickets are £14 each. To book visit or call 01900602122.


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