Time for another fresh start in my running battle

8 September 2017 8:04AM

We have bitten the bullet and made the decision. We will not be taking part in the Great North Run.

I can’t say I’m too downhearted, really.

Apparently, Dianne had been having the same doubts about her own level of fitness. I didn’t want to say anything to her about pulling out, because I thought she really wanted to do it.

She didn’t want to say anything to me because she thought I really wanted to do it.

Turns out we’d been talking to other people about our fears.

A mutual running buddy suggested we “seriously discuss what you want to do together”.

And when Janette says things like that, you really listen.

So, it’s a weight off my mind (and also means I can go and see my favourite singer Miles Hunt at the Carnegie Theatre. Hurrah!).

But it has also raised questions in my own mind about my commitment to this running thing.

It’s become far too easy for me to miss a BodyFit class, swear to myself that I’m going to go on the treadmill or go out for a run, then the siren call of the kebab shop tempts me into changing into my PJs and do nothing much except eating incredibly bad but tasty things.

The bad back didn’t help, I tried to get out running on a Saturday morning and couldn’t even manage a couple of steps at a trot.

So I walked as briskly as I could (not very).

It wasn’t helped when I passed fellow columnist Andy Walsh on Cockermouth Main Street.

I was decked out, optimistically, in my Mr Men Lycra.

He asked me: “Shouldn’t you be running?”

I suppose it was a fair question, but I told him off for not reading last week’s column and told him my tales of back woe.

I did cure my back though – although not in a way I would recommend.

Apparently falling off a kerb and jarring yourself – imagine the cringe as I fell in what felt like slow motion – stops the constant stabbing pain in your back.

My knee now feels a bit wonky, but I plan on ignoring that until it falls off.

So it all stops here. The new term starts this week and I’m turning over a new leaf.

Everyone is allowed a bad patch and I’m hoping that mine has been and gone.

I am going to run for a minimum of three times a week.

I am going to go to every class I’ve paid for this term.

I am going to look at my diet more closely – while the pounds haven’t piled back on, the weight loss I’ve been experiencing is having a slowdown.

Having a decent canteen in the workplace is a distinct disadvantage.

I’m having to go with the exact change to make sure I don’t overspend on cake.

So, for what feels like the 20th time this year, I’m embarking on a change.

I’m going to shrug off the excuses and start afresh.

I just have to keep telling myself I love running really and it’s doing me and my health good.

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