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Thursday, 02 July 2015

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Disappearance of Dearham pet almost turns to cat-astrophe

A Dearham couple almost ripped their house apart to search for their cat, which had been under floorboards for more than a week.

SAVED BY A WHISKER: Keith and Pat Barclay, of Dearham, with Bruno the cat, whose disappearance for more than a week sparked a major search

Bruno used up at least one of his nine lives when he disappeared from Keith and Pat Barclay’s home on Browside Road while their bathroom was being refitted.

The couple, in their 60s, were distraught – and friends, family and neighbours joined in the search for the six-year-old feline to no avail.

But they could hear meowing in certain sections of the house and thought he must have been in the loft.

They feared he could have been trapped in the roof when tiles were replaced.

Workmen Brian and David Sewell returned and removed the slates, but Bruno wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

The slates were put back and the cat continued to cry.

The couple’s niece, Donna Campbell, of Ewanrigg Road, Maryport, said that dozens of people joined in the search and her aunt and uncle thanked them all.

But after more than a week they decided to remove the sides of their new bath, and Bruno strolled out to enjoy the food and milk they had put down for him.

Mr and Mrs Barclay think their curious cat slipped into the bathroom while workmen were replacing their suite and managed to jump down a hole in the floor.

It is not known how he managed to get himself inside the bath.

They said they were grateful to be reunited with their precious pet.

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vvik inherited the best of both her parents, including an inate sense of adventure. Following minor renovations to our house; a split level bungalow with a full basement front, a half basement back, a ground level front on top of the basement and a storey above the half basement; a common configuration over here, we found Saavik missing one night. She had entered the half basement cloakroom, pulled open the vanity door, entered the cupboard and gone on back into the false walled area beyond the original wall. Then she climbed up beside the sewage pipes into the space under the upstairs bathroom and fell asleep. At 3 am of the morning I was woken by her plaintive cries. Measuring to find the floor level of the upper bathroom in relation to the dining room I cut a hole with a Bread Knife and out she stepped, a little dusty but none the worse for her experience. After that we fitted a lock to the vanity cupboard and patched the wall of the dining room to prevent return visits.
Cats have great imagination and insight into ways to cause havoc, mayhem, and calamity. Liz Powell

Posted by Liz Powell on 31 March 2014 at 02:16

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