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Thursday, 02 July 2015

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HAVE YOUR SAY: Rise in dog mess complaints

More than 300 complaints have been made to Allerdale council about dog mess in the past 14 months.

Figures revealed by the council show that 209 complaints were registered in 2011, with 93 so far this year, compared with 67 for the same period last year.

Over the same time 19 fixed penalty notices were handed out to people failing to clean up after dogs.

One of those led to a court conviction and there was one case of a person being repeatedly fined for dog fouling.

The figures were released after Deer Orchard Football Club in Cockermouth and Frostoms Football Club in Workington revealed that dog fouling was posing a threat to matches.

Workington and Maryport are among the worst hit towns for dog fouling, a council spokesman said. Keswick is the least affected.

Pavements and grass verges are the worst affected areas in winter, with open spaces taking the hit in summer.

The spokesman added that the number of complaints tended to drop significantly as mornings became lighter.

As well as handing out fines, the council aims to educate people about dog fouling and encourage them to clean up after pets through schools and campaigns at a combined cost of about £31,500 a year.

It also hands out about 750,000 free poop scoop bags a year, costing just over £5,000.

Dog mess is cleaned up by Focsa under the council’s street cleaning contract.

Since June, Allerdale’s 23 police community support officers have been able to issue fixed penalty notices and since January the council’s five street scene officers have also been given enforcement powers, enabling them to support the town’s environmental wardens.

The move followed a drop in the number of environmental wardens, from four to two in recent years.

Councillor Michael Heaslip, executive member responsible for street scene, parks and open spaces, said: “Dog fouling isn’t the most glamorous of topics but it is a genuine issue which angers many of us.

“The problem is irresponsible owners who don’t clear up after their dog.”

As the council is forced to decide which services to cut to save money, Coun Heaslip urged the public to do their bit by scooping the poop.

Dog fouling can be reported online at www.allerdale. gov.uk/dogfouling or by calling 01900 702800.

Have your say


I appreciatte that you have channeled resources into this problem, but to date i am afraid i have seen no difference from when i first visited Marport in October 2010.

My only assumption is that your FOSCA team are in need of a re briefing. It is impossible that they are carrying out there unenviable duties if the problem still exists in such proportions. I'm not sure how often they are sweeping the areas i am refering too, but it can only be once a week if that which clearly isn't enough by any stretch of the imagination.

As for the bins, i am refering to bins in the parking areas in the dunes. Even if there is one near a dune, i don't recall any signage. I don't believe you can have one without the other. On the prom i recall seeing two signs at knee height. Thats no good. There has to be blanket straight to the point signs that are visible. Otherwise we are wasting time and money.

I have no plans to return to Maryport due to this, so a meeting is improbable. I have in writing pointed out the areas i encountered. I did this 18 months ago. I have since added one more, on the right of way that goes along the railway track on the Allerdale Way. Small narrow alley that is vile. No bins, no signs, nothing. Same near the "tourist attraction" at the Fort path that leads down to the prom. In the Times and Star it states the council has recieved 300 compliants. That tells me you need to take the hint that your strategy IS NOT WORKING.

In the past i have written a very positive review of the camp site in Maryport. To date over 6500 motorhome users have read it. I think the Council should forfill it's obligation and tackle this problem once and for all instead of employing half hearted, just ticking boxes measures. Statistics don't inform that the problem has gone. Clean Streets Do.

Posted by Martin on 5 April 2012 at 15:47

Anyone who believes dog fouling is excepable is clearly un aware of how dangerous it is. It's lethal.
For one it makes children Blind. Thats BLIND !!!! not for a week a month or a year, but for the rest of there lives. And why, because selfish irresponsible dog owners haven't got one ounce of decency or care for others in them. Add to this, the same stuff makes Livestock mis carry there young also means that it isn't ok to do it on farmland.
I've just spent a week in Maryport and the place is covered in the stuff, it's the worst town in the country i have been too with such a problem. The streets, the promanade, the cycle path near the fort. And worst at the start of The Allerdale Way, the path out of town that runs beside the railway track is minging with dog mess. At least over 20 piles. Anyone walking into Maryport from Cockermouth, thats what will greet them as they come to your town. It really is shocking.
I wrote to the council over a year ago suggesting proper bins and signs to educate the un educated. It would seem they are not interested.
I even walked down from Skinburness, everytime you reach a car park in the dunes, more dog excrement. No bins, nothing. The place stinks. And i take no pleasure in saying that.

Posted by Martin on 3 April 2012 at 23:01

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