The world according to Shelley Lofthouse

I love Easter, but my body doesn’t agree

When pain proves good for the sole

I’m growing old... very disgracefully

It’s not always easy finding your best side

Changing times for school kids

A lifesaver...but please bring my stuff back!

Young, thin mother has the Edge...

It’s my fault the NHS is on its knees

Stinky slippers are payback for my nasty ways

I am sick of all this adulting

My dreams have really come true

Pawel is the best £40 I ever spent

If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have none at all

Don’t drink and eBay – unless it’s for magical wigs

Can 2017 Trump such a bad year?

An unimaginative imbecile always buys me soaps for secret Santa gift

Soul sister weighs up cost of living

A pet is for life, a partner not so much when they meet Hector

The eczema karma left me red faced

Ice-skating antics fail to save Dolly