The world according to Shelley Lofthouse

Chester’s the best man I’ll ever meet...

Disneyland or not – a queue is still a queue!

I can forgive the fashion faux pas as dentist looked like Tom Hardy!

So Uber isn’t something German?

My body’s let me down – not in a cool way

Unfortunately, I’ve only got myself to blame

Necessities of life will come to you

Talent shows are closest I come to voting

I’m on a diet – starting tomorrow

Stung by the criticism... and a wasp

Injured as first cut is the deepest

Song of my life proves a dead end

Circe got the send-off that she deserved

I love Easter, but my body doesn’t agree

When pain proves good for the sole

I’m growing old... very disgracefully

It’s not always easy finding your best side

Changing times for school kids

A lifesaver...but please bring my stuff back!

Young, thin mother has the Edge...