Viv Paterson writes......

Sitting in judgement over image of myself

Losing the blues would be a big blow to all of us

How can you not like A-lister Will Smith?

The carnival is over...but only for a year

My worries are nothing compared to Grenfell

It’s been a long week in politics for us all

People must start to come before profit

The Saint’s gone but we still have heroes

Evil came, saw, but it did not conquer us

Gains and losses in world of the internet

The real heroes in our benefits system

We are the evil, but we are also the hope

Our character prevails in times of adversity

Music brings back so many memories

Campaigners can hold their heads up high

Call centre issues drive me around the bend

It’s time to end hatred and start living as one

We need a real hero to fight for underdog