Viv Paterson writes......

We are the evil, but we are also the hope

Our character prevails in times of adversity

Music brings back so many memories

Campaigners can hold their heads up high

Call centre issues drive me around the bend

It’s time to end hatred and start living as one

We need a real hero to fight for underdog

This older, wiser, journo still has it

Pillow talk – don’t even get me started

Sometimes, Jeremy, it pays to lie a little

‘Superwoman’ has an off day at the office

What exactly is being done to help our NHS?

Simon was a bright spot in Trump’s year

Celebrity deaths have been shocking in 2016

Thanks to those trying to make our world better

If only Christmas could be like the ads make out

I love a drink, but I behave on the train

Within minutes I’m already undressing

Troubles that echo around the world