Our guide to all the soap action week beginning Saturday, February 13

Emmerdale (ITV)

Paul can't pay his debt to Connor and contacts Mandy for help. When she arrives at the scrapyard, Connor pulls up in a van and bundles Paul into it, demanding the £4k he owes – or she'll never see Paul alive again.

She doesn't have that kind of cash either, and it seems nobody else does – everyone she calls is unable to help, so it's up to her and Vinny to come up with it. When all they can muster between them is a quarter of the amount, Mandy asks for more time to raise the money and somehow finds it. But where has it come from, and will handing it over ensure Paul's release?

Jamie refuses to speak to Gabby, who opens up to Laurel about her fears she may be pregnant. After a test confirms her news, the teenager refuses to name the father, but tries to inform him anyway, unsure what kind of reaction she will receive.

Charity moves in with Diane, Meena tells David she loves him and Charles tries to convince Rishi to forgive and forget.

Coronation Street (ITV)

Nobody has seen Debbie or Kevin, and Abi is getting worried – especially after hearing her boyfriend didn't turn up at Jack's camp.

The police question Ray about their disappearance, but he claims they've done a runner with his money. With no evidence to suggest otherwise, he's released and heads for the airport.

Abi eventually works out the siblings are locked in the bistro's fridge. She breaks in just as Craig arrives, and discovers the stricken duo fighting for their lives. Later, at the hospital, as Kevin recovers, Abi pops the question.

During a row with Fiz, Tyrone collapses and is rushed to A&E with a suspected heart attack. It's later revealed to be heartburn, but the health scare prompts him to turn over a new leaf and start taking yoga classes – to his wife's amusement.

Johnny learns his hallucinations can be controlled via medication, but he doesn't want to let his visions of Aidan go, Todd rips off the church and Leanne lashes out when she realises that Simon is behind the feathers.

EastEnders (BBC One)

After Linda tells him she never wants to see him again, Max steals a USB stick from Jack's house and uses its contents to blackmail Phil, telling him he will hand over the evidence to the police if he doesn't do as he demands.

Max then informs Linda that in a matter of hours he will have done something that may help her and Mick, making her realise he knows about the abuse. He also says he loves her, but Linda clearly doesn't feel the same way. On realising that there's nobody left in Walford who would want him to stay, he picks up baby Abi and heads for the tube station having made a big decision.

While trying to impress Ash by running laps of the Square in only a superhero cape, Peter falls and knocks himself out.

Martin learns it was Ruby's fault he was attacked and turns to Kush for advice on the matter. Stacey, meanwhile, sets out to prove that Ruby is lying about being pregnant.

Hollyoaks (C4)

Babies and pregnancy are usually happy events in the big wide world, but in soapland things tend to be different. They take centre stage across this week's episodes - and sure enough, rather than involving bundles of joy, they seem to be bringing nothing but misery.

At long last Diane finds out who is the father of her child, while Verity realises it's high time she told Sami the truth about her own pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Sylver may regret putting his relationship with Mercedes above his own child. Cher seethes with jealousy after realising she's no longer the most important female in his life, so sets out to split the pair up.

Elsewhere in the village, Nancy worries when it becomes obvious that Darren is trying his best to avoid her. Sienna sets about winning back Brody's attentions and Imran wonders if he and Brooke have a chance at a future together.

Home and Away (C5)

Dean's behaviour continues to be a cause for concern. He begins the week by starting a fight before hiding out at bartender Tammy's place.

Ari finds him there and fails to persuade him to come home, although eventually, Dean reappears in the Bay, where Ziggy finally tells him there's no chance of them ever getting back together. Her head has been turned by Tane, and Justin is furious when he sees them together. Justin also speaks to Christian, who tells him he can return to work, providing he gets some more scans.

Jasmine bumps into an old university friend at the prison after being persuaded to visit Colby, whose profession becomes known to his fellow inmates.

Roo reveals the news about the arrival of her half-brother after Kieran pressures Marilyn into helping him track down Martha. She, meanwhile, opens up to her husband about the violence she suffered at the hands of her son's father.

Neighbours (C5)

Is there a better way to end a feud than by taking part in a lip sync battle?

Probably, but this being Neighbours, that's how Amy and Dipi look set to sort out their differences. After Shane and Amy toast their future together, Dipi realises she's missed her chance with her estranged husband and decides to go to Sydney with Jay for a few days - little realising he's taken a shine to Mackenzie, so would prefer to stay in Erinsborough for a while.

Toadie gives the pies to Ned to thank him for his help with the fundraiser, unaware they contain toxic mushrooms. It's poor Bea who learns the truth in the worst way possible after eating one. She's rushed to hospital where David and Karl fight to save her life before her organs completely shut down.

Nicolette's new lawyer leaps into action as Aaron and David attend her first ultrasound, while Harlow is still reeling from her kidnapping ordeal and makes a big decision that breaks Hendrix's heart.