A former West Cumberland Hospital doctor is combining medicine from east and west to help people change their lives.

Tania Pioli, 37, who studied medicine at Alma Mater Studiorum University in Bologna, transformed her own health and now offers sessions to help others.

Using her expertise in traditional and Chinese medicine, she has advised clients with a variety of conditions including eating obesity. disorders, depression, insomnia, chronic headaches, Crohn’s disease and autoimmune diseases.

Born in Italy, she travelled to England 10 years ago to study and work in Liverpool, where she became proficient in English.

Tania, who lives in Whitehaven, said: “However, something was missing in my job and I wasn't sure what. It made me ask myself what I really wanted to do.”

She decided to travel around Central and South America, where she volunteered in a hospital in Bolivia. However, she became unwell and was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome,

Once back in Italy she started to “listen to my own body” and took a masters in Nutritional Therapy at the School of Natural Cuisine and Nutritional Therapy in Milan (La Sana Gola).

“I started eating differently and could feel the effect on my body,’ she said.

Within four months she had transformed her bowel condition and lost 30lbs.

“I decided that I could use my experience and my profession to help others who, like me, couldn't find solutions within traditional medicine,” Tania explained.

“I met a Chinese doctor very experienced in eastern medicine. I followed him for years and still do. He taught me so much. Thanks to the eastern medicine I always consider the person in front of me with a holistic approach, as a whole being not as a problem or illness to be solved.”

She opened her own practice in Italy and worked as a nutritional therapist treating people for a variety of conditions as well as helping athletes who wanted to improve their performances. “I saw people changing and taking back their bodies -- and their lives,’’ she said.

She came back to England and worked at West Cumberland Hospital for two years.

“I'm very grateful for the experience and I learned a lot,’’ Tania said. “Staff and colleagues especially were exceptional.”

She now holds consultations for those looking to address issues affecting their health.

Tania said: “I'm happy to travel to people houses or use Skype if the distance is significant. But I would recommend a consultation in person whenever possible".

“I’ve also worked with couples, two sisters who lived together, mothers and daughters. It's really a personal decision on how people want to do it.”

A keen fell-walker, Tania enjoys her life in West Cumbria. “I started climbing and I tried paragliding. I love it!

“Mostly I like the pace of life here,’’ she said. “The weather can be challenging sometimes, but when it's sunny the Lake District is one of the most beautiful places I've seen.”

Tania also teaches Italian, and English as a foreign language. She is also certified as an advanced facilitator for PSYCH-K® which helps people use their subconscious to change beliefs which “limit them”.

“When I was working in the hospital I started taking Tai kick-boxing and karate classes in Workington, and that saves me during the long Cumbrian winters!’’ she added.

Contact Tania on 07478494663.