A GREAT BROUGHTON resident is urging the Government to stop inequality generated by "disgraceful management fees" in new housing developments.

Adrian Davis-Johnston, who lives on the Persimmon-built Church Meadows estate, has set up a petition to push the Government to force local authorities to adopt all public open spaces and roads on newly built estates.

Mr Davis-Johnston said: "Communal land on new build estates is no longer adopted by the local authority as was previously the case. This is good news for the local authority as it means they are no longer required to cut the grass on these estates. However it’s bad news for owners of new build homes as the management fees are unregulated and can rise considerably. This is the case across the entire country and is on the government's radar as a concern.

"What has resulted therefore is a two tier system. Older private estates get their communal areas maintained by the council. New estates do not. However, houses on new estates still pay their council tax yet get less of a service - how is this fair?"

Earlier this year the Church Meadows residents achieved their aim to have the management company appointed by Persimmon Homes removed.

Five residents, including Mr Davis-Johnston, became directors of the company and appointed a local firm to do the work at a fraction of the price.

Mr Davis-Johnston said: "Residents can make a difference to their situation, but it doesn’t solve the unequal situation we have.

"I started the petition to urge the government to act on this inequality. Hard working families and people making the first step on the housing ladder through the Help to Buy scheme are being penalised with these disgraceful fees. Developers should pay a commuted sum to the council for adoption and the council should fund maintenance through the council tax."

The online petition has reached over 10,000 signatures, meaning the Government has to respond to it.

Mr Davis-Johnston said he was delighted by this result and added: "I have been acting in my capacity as a private resident, however, people may know that I am an Allerdale councillor, and with that hat on I know that if the government did act on the petition this would put Allerdale under some financial burden. I would welcome the government to consider innovative ways of righting this wrong and funding the shortfall to local authorities' budgets.

"I have had a great deal of support from two national campaigns: the Home Owners Rights Network (HorNet) and the National Leasehold Campaign who have pushed the petition nationally. We will continue to lobby the government to act on leasehold, management companies and other such issues that are the bane of many new build home owners' lives."

To sign the petition visit petition.parliament.uk/petitions/213702.