Pupils and staff at St Joseph’s Primary School in Cockermouth have taken part in a mass circuit training session to celebrate National Fitness Day.

Yet working out together is nothing new for everyone at St Joseph’s School, as twice a week staff and all 75 pupils keep fit together.

Twice-weekly circuit training sessions were introduced two years ago by teacher Damon Newton. Over time, some of the Year Six pupils have trained as sports leaders so they can each lead a group through the workout.

“The six sports leaders do a brilliant job and really enjoy it. They are key to it all working,” said Mr Newton, who specialised in PE at university.

“The staff take part too. The children need to see that it’s important to keep exercising as you get older. Exercise needs to be part of life so this is about learning for the future.

“They love it. They are learning it’s important to stay fit, it also helps reduce stress and makes them more relaxed. It boosts their confidence and self- esteem and promotes team work.”

The 15-minute sess-ions include a mix of cardio and strength-ening exercises.

The school was delighted to win a national School Games Award in recognition of what it does to encourage healthy living.

“The kids are so proud of themselves, as they should be,” said Mr Newton.