Cockermouth Town Council has accepted an offer for the town to become a sister town with Hebron, in America.

Ron Collins, of Hebron, in New Hampshire, wrote to the council: "Our town was originally called Cockermouth. The name was changed in 1792. Hebron would like to be a Sister City with Cockermouth, England.

"Our intent is to be able to announce to the town on August 12 this year, during our 225th anniversary celebrations, that the town has twinned with the original Cockermouth."

Mr Collins visited the town with his wife in 2014. "We truly fell in love with your city," he said.

The town has been twinned with Marvejols, France for 34 years. Several exchanges take place each year.

Councillor Alan Smith told a town council meeting: "I think it's no cost to the taxpayer so it's worthwhile to support.

"It would not be on the scale of our twinning with Marvejols."

Councillor Sam Standage said it was a great idea in theory but could involve running costs.

Councillor Eric Nicholson said: "We would have to show some kind of hospitality if they visited, so it's going to cost something."

Councillors agreed to be a sister town with Hebron.