As well as being incredibly fun, trampolining is being praised by fitness experts as the next big thing to support a healthy lifestyle.

We spoke with The Jump Mania of Workington about the health benefits of the sport, and the trends anticipated for trampoline fitness in 2017.

"Trampolining is a fantastic way of keeping fit in a fun and invigorating way and is really capturing the attention of health gurus thanks to its many health benefits.

Not only does trampolining have less impact on the joints, but it also works the core muscles of the body and helps to improve heart health and posture and lower cholesterol.

Trampoline activity is proven to help overall fitness and strength along with the following great benefits:

Reduces cellulite

*80% off the stress of your weight-bearing joints.

*10 minutes bouncing = 30 minutes jogging.

*Stimulates metabolism.

*Increases oxygen capacity.

*Improves sense of balance.

*Strengthens the heart.

*Firms and tones muscles!

Here at The Jump Mania we provide dedicated fitness sessions suitable for beginners and experts alike.

It’s the perfect way to start 2017’s fitness regime.

If you’re looking for a trampoline park full of things to do from wall-to-wall interconnected trampolines, angled walls, tumble tracks, basketball nets so you can slam dunk to your heart’s content, an airbag to land in after you perform some great airborne tricks, and even a lounge and party area – complete with a café – The Jump Mania is the place for you.

At The Jump Mania, we are determined nobody should be left out of the trampoline revolution.

With special sessions for toddlers just learning to jump, disco sessions where the music’s up high and the lights are low, and sessions for those with sensory needs, anyone can book and bounce.

It’s the perfect day out for families with a wide range of ages to cater for and afterwards you can all meet up at Café Mania

Whether you’re there to freestyle bounce, try out the latest tricks, impress the kids or be beaten by them when you all compete at basketball, everyone will be kept entertained.

Café Mania provides hot and cold snacks and refreshments, ideal as either a treat to end your trip or as a stop to refuel before the next session on the trampolines."

Head to The Jump Mania website for more information.