Maryport infants had a taste of "big" school.

Ewanrigg Primary School held its third taster sessions for the children in infant schools around the town who would be likely to, or have the option to attend the school when next year.

School spokeswoman, Emma Tolmie, said the introduction was started by head teacher, Yvonne Craig

"This school is so much bigger than the infant schools. There are more rooms, more teachers and it can be quite overwhelming for the infants arriving here for the first time."

She said the taster sessions were to give them a small introduction to the school and the teachers as well as to some of the pupiles who may be graduating to primary school with them.

The day is all about showing the children some of the exciting opportunities they will have and to prove that primary school is not as scary as they might imagine.

Nearly 70 children from the infant schools visited Ewanrigg on Wednesday and Thursday last week.

They used computers to design calendars to take home, did art and crafts and even Zumba.

After lunch they were introduced to Mrs Craig spoke to the children and then Santa made a surprise visit.

Each child received a book as part of Ewanrigg Junior School's current push to encourage reading.