The woman rushed in to take the lead at Workington Academy says it's business as usual.

Colette Macklin was called at her home in West Yorkshire on Wednesday afternoon asking if she would take on the role of interim headteacher.

And within a few hours, the 49-year-old was in Cumbria ready to start the role the next day.

It follows the mysterious absence of headteacher Jonathan Logan, who has only been in post for just over a year.

The academy is keeping tight-lipped about the situation and Mrs Macklin was unable to say any more.

"I've only been here two days but I've had a really warm welcome," she told the News & Star.

"I'm not sure how long I will be here, but it's business as usual as far as the academy is concerned.

"When the person leading the organisation is out of school, that is a significant change. The William Howard Trust, which runs the academy, has very quickly informed parents and local primary schools about the situation."

Mrs Macklin is staying in Ullock while she's at the academy and is slowly getting used to the area.

As the role is interim she does not know how long she will be in West Cumbria.

"My role is to look after the school for as long as I'm asked to," she added.

Mrs Macklin has not met Mr Logan, as he was absent when she arrived.

Parents were informed of the change by a letter which was sent out on Wednesday afternoon and an assembly was held for pupils on Thursday morning.

Tracey Stainton, chair of the academy's local advisory board, said Mrs Macklin had excellent credentials along with a wealth of experience and expertise.

Mr Logan took on the role of headteacher in September 2015 when Workington Academy opened following the merger of the town's Stainburn and Southfield schools.