Management of Flimby Social Club are having to fight gossip that the club will close in three weeks.

Linda Bell, who runs the club with husband David, said tensions, a small committee, lack of helpers and increase in workload were causing difficulties within the club.

That prompted the couple putting a notice on the door asking members who would take over if she and her husband resigned and what would happen if the club closed.

She said: "Within hours I was being told the club was closing in three weeks.

"I've had to take down the notices and call people who have booked events for the next four weeks at least, to tell them that we are still available to host their function. 

"At no time was it suggested that the club would close or that David and I - or the committee - were packing in."

She said the club has been going through difficulties.

She added: "There is tension between the older members and the younger ones."

Seven years ago the club was on the verge of closure.

She said: "Past committees operated in a very different world and could not see the future of supermarkets and cheap drink and smoking bans. They borrowed money and ran the club the way clubs were run.

"But it is very different now and if the club is to stay open people have to accept change."

She said this committee pulled the club out of debt and could have a bright future if everyone would pull together.

The club hopes to hold an AGM this month. It would be its first for two years.

Mrs Bell said: "Our books have been with the accountant for the past 12 months. We are still waiting for the rugby changing rooms to be signed off. This was delayed because people had come in and done jobs for friends and we had a job finding all the invoices for money spent. That's all sorted now."

Mrs Bell said she had no intention of closing the club but added that the warning still stood.

She added: "Since the notice on the door we have had people coming forward to help us. That has to happen and we have to pull together as a club."