A MARYPORT man was banned from driving after he failed to complete a breath test.

Roman Jaroslaw Szwedziak, 44, of Edinburgh Road, admitted the offence when he appeared at the magistrates court in Workington on Friday.

Diane Jackson, prosecuting, told magistrates police were called by a member of the public who had seen a car driving erratically on the A595 from Whitehaven to Workington on September 29 at around 5.30am.

Mrs Jackson said police located the car near the Dobies roundabout "swerving all over the road."

"They got behind the vehicle, activated the blue lights and attempted to pull the vehicle over, but it didn't initially stop. An unmarked black police car activated its police lights to assist and it had to stop the vehicle by pulling in alongside it and in front of the vehicle," she added.

Mrs Jackson said officers immediately smelled alcohol on Szwedziak, who looked disorientated and unsteady.

A road-side breath test gave a result of 134 micgrogrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35.

Szwedziak was taken to Workington police station where he was asked to provide a further sample of breath, however Mrs Jackson said he failed to blow for long enough.

Mike Woolaghan, defending, said: "There is no dispute whatsoever that his driving fell below the acceptable standard." He told magistrates Szwedziak had been out drinking with friends in Workington and the group had gone to a garage to buy more alcohol. However, following an argument, he was left at the side of the road with the car while the rest of the party were picked up by another friend.

Mr Woolaghan said: "He accepts that he made the incredibly foolish decision to drive the vehicle. He's thankful that it was a very short distance and he is thankful that at the material time there was little if any traffic."

Mr Woolaghan added Szwedziak was cooperative with police. He said he attempted to provide the samples at the police station but failed to blow for long enough.

Mr Woolaghan said the defendant didn't have an alcohol problem, but binged at the weekend.

"He's had a number of stresses recently in his life. He's in a relationship with a lady who's adult son is seeking treatment for drug addiction," said Mr Woolaghan.

Magistrates ordered Szwedziak to do 200 hours of unpaid work and offered him the opportunity to complete a drink-driver's rehabilitation course to have a discount on his 28-month ban.

He was also ordered to pay £85 costs and £85 victim surcharge.