A TASTE of the real Wild West awaits visitors to the next Talking Tuesday event at the Beacon Museum in Whitehaven.

Col Tom McMullen, a speaker on US history, has visited and studied the Little Big Horn battlefield, wagon trails in Nebraska, Apache trails in Arizona, and Indian battlefields in Montana.

He will give a presentation on Tuesday at 2pm at the Beacon Portal.

Col McMullen will provide an insight into life at the time of General Custer and Sitting Bull, and debunk some Hollywood myths about the Wild West.

Born and raised in Workington, Col McMullen had a distinguished career in the Royal Navy and developed an interest in American history over four decades. He has also written a fictional book set in the Great Plains of America.

Talking Tuesdays relaunched recently with a talk by Joseph Ritson on the stories of what came after World War One. Entry is £4.50, including hot drinks and cakes.