Vocalize is giving young people a voice.

Senior students at Keswick School have produced a magazine which they hope will encourage younger students to express their creativity.

From concept to production and marketing, the magazine, Vocalisation, has been entirely the work of the students involved.

Editor-in-chief Sophie Inkster, said: "after being personally inspired by my own work experience at a magazine, being editor and creating a school magazine seemed the perfect way to enhance our school community."

Head designer Sam Christian said his work had been "challenging yet ultimately rewarding."

"Making that journey from twenty blank pages staring back at you, to the colourful whirl of photography, art and writing that is Vocalize, has been exciting."

The magazine gives students the chance to individually express themselves in a way the curriculum does not, according to the contributing editor Laura Wilson.

As marketing and finance manager Ella Pattinson had to approach local businesses to sell advertising to fund the project: "This made me truly appreciate the closeness of our wider community: everyone being willing to help."

The magazine is on sale from the school's online shop for £1. It will also be available at the school's Christmas fair and in some local shops.