Cockermouth Town Council is opposed to controversial plans to build a B&M Homestore on the outskirts of Cockermouth.

The Low Road plans, submitted by Opus Land North Ltd, were refused a few months ago but have been resubmitted.

The latest plans - for the erection of a retail unit with external garden centre and employment unit including access, parking, landscaping and associated works - are essentially the same as the previous ones but with more landscaping.

Allerdale Council development panel voted to recommend refusal of the application in July - despite their officers recommending approval.

Councillor Nicky Cockburn recommended refusal on the grounds of the loss of employment land and visual amenity.

Town councillors are recommending the plans be refused for four reasons.

1. They say the town prosperity analysis is incorrect and have requested an independent survey. The analysis was carried out before the 2015 floods and does not consider the loss of trade which followed those floods or the impact of subsequent developments, they say.

2. The Local Plan has a clear hierarchy of settlements. The B&M store proposed is much larger than the Workington store and should be in a principle service centre not a key service centre.

3. They say the loosest application of the sequential test has been applied - potential development opportunities should be properly explored and considered.

4. The land is designated employment land in the Local Plan.

More than 70 people have written to the council about the application, more than 60 of them are opposed to the plans.

Resident Jonathan Tibbitts said: "I believe the development will enhance the approach to Cockermouth via Low Road and provide employment for residents of Cockermouth. I also believe it will help retain shoppers within the town."