Aspatria's longest-serving councillor has retired after moving to Maryport.

Dee Turner, 73, has served as deputy and mayor during nearly 30 years on the council.

Deputy mayor Alan Reay said: "If there was a cause, Dee supported it. She has been a fantastic asset to the town."

Mayor Barry Chambers presented her with a good citizen certificate and large bouquet as thanks for her work and thanked her for her contribution to Aspatria. .

She was one of the founders of a residents' group at Harriston and now serves on Home's Viewpoint team which scrutinises Home's services.

She, with fellow councillor Wendy Campbell, revived the Aspatria Gala Day and she has promised that she will continue to help.

"This is a good move but I will miss Aspatria even though it is just a bus ride away" she said.

Mrs Turner has moved into new Home Group flats on Bounty Avenue.

"After the death of my husband, Edward, I found my house was too large and too full of memories. When these flats came up I got one and I love it."

Originally from Keswick, she came to Aspatria more than 50 years agao when she married husband Edward.

"My name is Davina but friends in Aspatria said that was too post for the town and I became Dee. it's all I know now."

She was involved with Derwent and Solway and then Home Group for 40 years, working on residents' associations and as volunteer. She was named national volunteer of the year for her work with the group.

She was asked to join the council.

"I really enjoyed it. What I am proudest of is getting the footpath built at Richmond Hill School Prior to that the pupils were walking through water whenever it rained.

"I am disappointed, however, that we have not managed to get the flooding problems solved at the end of the path on North View."

Mrs Turner is already attending events at the Entra, the Ewanrigg and Netherton Residents Association at their community centre and is looking forward to continuing her work with Home Group and helping out where needed.